10 Smart Tips To Increase Productivity In Construction


Construction has long been famous for being an industry that’s mismanaged and inefficient, and due to technological advancements, countless companies and projects are being optimised. Various sectors are seeking alternative solutions to increase and productivity. Although the solutions available tend to be so expensive that it’s not financially viable for most contractors. In order to assist construction companies, we have outlined some tips to increase productivity in construction. Let’s go though them now!

1. Map Out The Workflow

Creating a map of the entire workflow in any given project should be your starting point. This is an aspect of project management that most managers don’t give enough attention to, as it is time-consuming. The reason behind mismanagement and resource misallocation is typically down to lack of a proper work map. Not only is it cheaper compared to various solutions, it has the benefit of bringing order to the project. Knowing who’s doing what at any given time is a good starting point for many managers wanting a more productive and efficient project.

2. Keep An Updated Inventory

It’s imperative that there’s a regularly updated record of all construction materials. If workers are relying on supplies to be brought in when they run out, the resulting delays can have a serious impact on productivity levels. According to Ulrik Branner, 30% is the average time spent when you are actually working in construction projects. Supplies and building materials need to be replenished before they run out. Proper planning and forecasting of any given project can improve productivity in construction projects. In large construction projects that are overtaken by main contractors, it’s a good idea to implement software for construction to help keep track of resources.

3. Better Use Of Data And Analytics

Bringing with it collaboration and useful insights, big data is quickly entering the construction industry. Currently, 95% of data in construction is either thrown out or not collected at all, which is an astronomical figure highlighting just how big a problem data management is in the industry. Insights generated from one project can be used to forecast future projects. The data gained and analysed from projects can drastically improve productivity in any given project and should be something for managers to consider when beginning a construction project.

Data and analytics help increase productivity in construction

4. Taking Breaks

The major benefit of taking breaks in any industry is the increase in productivity and construction is no exception to this. Construction workers need to be well-rested and in good physical condition when operating heavy machinery.

5. Company Culture

A responsible and goal-oriented company culture will do wonders for construction projects. This isn’t something that can be implemented overnight, but there are various ways to instill the right company culture in your construction projects. Instilling the importance of meeting deadlines and achieving goals is one way to go about this. Hiring the right people is another way to go about this.

6. Adopting Mobile Technology

Effective communication is crucial in construction and this often isn’t managed well. Utilizing smartphone technology in construction projects can lead to a reduction in delays, thus improving productivity. An example of this is using smartphone technology to alert team members of errors and instantaneously providing updates to colleagues.

7. Focus On Employee Training

An essential need in a given project is training. It’s a well-known fact that employees who know what they are doing, will get the job done faster. Training brings increased motivation and confidence in construction workers. Through regular training, employees are better equipped to handle any issues faced in construction. Training also increases construction site safety.

8. Shifting Towards Prefabricated Building Systems

A popular trend observed in construction is the growing interest in modular or prefabricated building. Through modular building, components of the building are constructed off-site and then transported to the site. Prefabricated materials greatly reduce the time spent constructing and improves productivity.

9. Improve Your Workforce

Due to rapid technological advancements, the criteria when hiring construction workers is quickly changing, as there is an increased need for workers to have more specialist knowledge to work in construction. It goes without saying really, that an improved workforce has a direct impact on efficiency and productivity. Managers should focus on improving hiring methods and create a team that will get the job done swiftly and correctly.

Improving your workforce will help you improve productivity in construction

10. Project Management Software

Construction project management software is one of the best tools that a construction company can use for their benefit. They can be used for optimising cashflow, storing data, stock management and processing inefficiencies in a construction project. The benefits don’t just stop there as software for construction can do so much more too.


Shaneel is a content marketing assistant at GenieBelt, regularly writing for construction.

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