Finding Strength in Uncertain Times: Interview with Carol Massay

As business owners, we cannot be fortune-tellers. Even with the best strategies and plans in place for growing a business, you just can’t predict what will happen in the future. For instance, in our current climate of unprecedented economic change and disruption, companies that are able to adapt and transform quickly will certainly gain competitive advantage and come out of this as a strong leader in its field. To survive, you have to change your strategic plans to keep up with change.

EasyBuild UK’s CEO, Carol Massay, knows exactly what it takes to lead through such unprecedented times. In an interview with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Inspire Magazine, she explains that she has been “trying to use this time positively by encouraging staff to look more closely at the way we operate”, and encourages others to do the same.

The company is evolving its online marketing campaign to increase brand awareness while appraising the systems currently available to customers to ensure they are the best they can be. “We’re all about the customer,” Carol claims in another interview. “We live and breathe our customers’ success. We’re there to support them for the long term.”

This refinement of processes comes in the wake of a rise in the number of businesses moving to cloud-based technology to come out of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown stronger than ever. With most staff now working remotely and facing unprecedented challenges, having everything on one system has become more important than ever to keep processes straightforward and streamlined.

“Technology provides meaningful data for businesses to be more efficient,” says Carol. “We’ve a number of clients from smaller or paper-based systems and they’ve seen the benefits within month one.” – link 

The advantages of cloud-based software for contractors don’t end there, especially in these uncertain times. Social distancing is a big issue for larger contractors and many projects have been paused as a result, but integrated apps mean that operatives can use their phones to record essential information, request and record deliveries, and fill in timesheets without making physical contact. You can also take control of your supply chain, keep on top of your accounts and get real-time statistical information that’s ready to view anywhere at any time – something that is more valuable now than ever.

But these strange times won’t end when the lockdown is lifted, and Carol is adamant that we should all be looking to the future – and with over 30 years of success in the construction industry, she’s no stranger to thinking ahead. Companies should be considering how their administrative processes need to change when we come out the other side, and directors should be looking at what will be needed when everyone gets back to work now, rather than in week one. 

The ability to adapt to the current situation is undoubtedly a mark of good leadership, and Carol is facing it head on. “It’s a strange position to be in,” she admits, but if we only focus on the present, how can companies emerge stronger and ready to grow?

Finding Strength in Uncertain Times: Interview with Carol Massay

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