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As support for Sage Job Costing comes to an end, many in the construction industry are looking elsewhere. While the module will continue to work, technical support will no longer be available from September 2021, so searching for a Sage Job Costing replacement is paramount.

Should I stick with the module?

The short answer is that this isn’t advised. With no support, you run the very real risk of losing your data – something that would be catastrophic for any construction business. If you lose information on cost analysis, job status and timesheets overnight with no back-up, that data is gone forever, leaving your business open to multiple problems.

This is compounded by the module’s lack of functionality when compared to others on the market. With a lack of in-depth analysis and real-time data about construction projects, many managers are looking to solutions provided by companies like EasyBuild instead. It also helps that EasyBuild updates its software as the industry changes, so clients are always on top of their project management.

What are the Sage Job Costing alternatives?

Back to spreadsheets

One replacement for Sage Job Costing is going back to old-fashioned spreadsheets, but this comes with more disadvantages than you might think. Spreadsheets invariably end up as data silos demanding duplicated data entry where one wrong figure or formula could eradicate months of records. This could put your business at a heavy risk of underselling and impacting your revenue. EasyBuild’s industry-specific applications will eliminate these types of risk and provide you with data security.

Cloud-based software

Your best option is to move to cloud-based software like EasyBuild. With everything updated in real time, all stakeholders have access to the most current data at all times. This is a must in any construction business, and EasyBuild takes it further. This specialist construction software allows you to assign activity codes to identify a location or specific category for your job or project to be measured against. This consolidates all processing of your job costing on one piece of software.

More importantly, support is always on hand when you need it. With years of experience and training available, our specialist team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of our software.

You can also rest easy knowing that EasyBuild’s systems are always secure. Operating over secure HTTPS connections and using 256-bit encryption, your data is secure against the growing risk of cyberthreats.

Reporting can be done by project, activity and sub activity, and the analytics are just as detailed. In fact, you can track your estimates and budgets against actual costs throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. Job costing has never been easier.

Switch to another Sage product

Sage does offer its own alternative to its job costing software: Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional. However, it does come with pitfalls like a lack of dashboard and comprehensive mobile app. These are tools that EasyBuild is proud to offer, allowing you to reduce paperwork, increase productivity and provide a full audit trail. EasyBuild has worked with customers to develop a range of mobile apps and analytics dashboards, giving you and your team instant access to real-time data, allowing faster and more accurate decisions to keep projects on track.

What should I use?

The software you use to replace Sage Job Costing is ultimately up to you and your business. The assets you have should work for and with you. But whichever solution you choose, you need to make sure it has some cloud-based functionality so that all stakeholders can stay on the same page. There’s not much worse than a construction project that runs over budget when profit margins in the industry are already so small.

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