County Contractors

As a new Financial Controller with an ambitious strategic plan, it’s vital that your company’s finance system will be able to support you – and your plan.

When Ian Cook, Financial Controller at County Contractors, joined the business just over five years ago, that was not the case. The Somerset-based leading commercial refurbishment specialist had an ageing, existing finance system, but it was already painfully unstable and unreliable. In order for Ian to realise his vision of a more efficient, compliant and profitable business, he knew that new tools would be needed.

Supporting the whole of your business

“The core of the business is the finance system, so there are a lot of stakeholders to keep happy.” – Ian Cook, County Contractors

Once County Contractors became aware that the current finance system was no longer fit for purpose, the company looked at what was needed and went out to market. County Contractors chose the award-winning EasyBuild ERP software as an all-in-one solution because it is designed for the construction sector, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Making change easier for client businesses

“If I tried to take EasyBuild’s key functions away from my team now, they’d be screaming at me. They love them!“ – Ian Cook

Bringing EasyBuild into an organisation where the finance team’s processes were entirely based on the old system was a challenge. Although there was some initial push back before implementation, Ian was delighted by how well his team adapted once the new system was in use. “Once they started using the system they could immediately see the real benefits,” says Ian. Now, three years later, the finance team at County Contractors are not just accepting of EasyBuild’s software, they are big fans!

A solution that evolves with your company’s needs

“As our business develops, so does the EasyBuild system.” – Ian Cook

One of the biggest attractions for County Contractors was EasyBuild’s constant focus on enhancements and developments to the system. If a client suggests a development that will be helpful to the user base as a whole, then this can often be added at no further cost. However, EasyBuild’s talented development team can also create bespoke functionality for specific clients, which County Contractors have been able to benefit from.

A personal service dedicated to helping you

“EasyBuild are a great company to work with. They’re genuinely interested in how they can help your business – that’s rare.” – Ian Cook

After three years of working with EasyBuild, Ian loves the fact that when he contacts the company, he knows the person he’s speaking to. Even better, they know him, they know County Contractors and they understand the company’s needs. More accurate, real-time data has made it easier and less-time consuming for the finance team to complete admin processes, so they can focus on more strategic activities. Suppliers have benefited from the in-built compliance functionality and County Contractors customers can be confident that projects will run more smoothly, all thanks to EasyBuild supporting Ian’s ambitious plans. In EasyBuild, County Contractors has found a long-term, trusted partner, invested in their success and, as sector specialists, with a deep understanding of their needs. Ian knows that no matter what County Contractors’ future plans are, EasyBuild is 100% behind them.

How long does the demo last?

We know that the construction, house building and maintenance industries are busy, so our demonstrations last between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your needs.

  • Online demos
  • At your office
  • At the EasyBuild office

What can I expect from the demo?

We will review your requirements and tailor the demonstration to your specific business, taking you through the live system and how it can help you.

  • Q & A session
  • Sample transactions and processes
  • Post demo financial proposal


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