EasyBuild CEO Joins Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Directors Board

Last month our CEO, Carol Massay, joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Directors Board.

Carol was requested to join the Directors Board by the current chairman, Jeremy Bishop. After careful deliberation and consideration, Carol accepted the offer with open arms, officially becoming a board member in November.

Carol commented: “This is a significant opportunity for EasyBuild and also myself. As a member of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Board, this will provide strong collaboration with other businesses in Hertfordshire, and also enable me to contribute to key policies and decisions being made, specifically around construction and technology. This is a really exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to it.”

Briege Leahy, Chief Executive at Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, told us: “We are delighted that Carol has come on as a Board Member. Since joining the Chamber as a Platinum member in 2019, Carol has been an ambassador in its truest form. Her energy, commitment and engagement with the Chamber and our membership community is a real asset, and so we asked her to join the Board of Directors in October 2020.

“Carol is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board, including over 30 years’ experience in the Property and Construction sector, in particular technology solutions which overall will benefit Herts Chamber and our members.”

Founded in 1924, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce provides first-class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes, influencing key decision makers in local and central government. Carol and the EasyBuild team joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce as a platinum member in 2019.

How long does the demo last?

We know that the construction, house building and maintenance industries are busy, so our demonstrations last between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your needs.

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What can I expect from the demo?

We will review your requirements and tailor the demonstration to your specific business, taking you through the live system and how it can help you.

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