MGB Contractors

MGB Contractors currently an existing EasyBuild customer and fully utilising the EasyBuild software across their finance, commercial and procurement departments. This migration allowed MGB to remove a significant number of manual processes within the business.  However, the business has grown and with staff changes, the management team knew that the software could offer the business much more functionality and efficiencies, so contacted the EasyBuild Account Management team to discuss further applications.

The initial discussions highlighted a number of new features and processes available to the users as well as improving existing knowledge through additional engagement with the EasyBuild Professional Services team. 

The Directors are delighted with what has been achieved and commended EasyBuild on the service provided, taking time to work with MGB and the end results have seen major improvements in processes and efficiency from the ERP Construction Management Software.

About MGB:

With a strong heritage spanning almost 10 years, MGB Contractors has grown to become one of the leading Steel fixing Groundwork and Formwork companies trusted by the main building contractors throughout the South East.

Specialising in providing an expert team of highly skilled professionals who are all qualified members. A team of highly flexible staff, available at short notice and fully scalable to provide the perfect solution for any construction site or development.

Led by Owner and Director Marin Gazulli, the core team has even more individual experience having worked for over twenty years within large construction companies throughout the UK.

Their knowledgeable approach and detailed execution of work has led to continued repeat business from many clients. They are proud to constantly secure new contracts with new clients from recommendations.

How long does the demo last?

We know that the construction, house building and maintenance industries are busy, so our demonstrations last between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your needs.

  • Online demos
  • At your office
  • At the EasyBuild office

What can I expect from the demo?

We will review your requirements and tailor the demonstration to your specific business, taking you through the live system and how it can help you.

  • Q & A session
  • Sample transactions and processes
  • Post demo financial proposal


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