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“The beauty of EasyBuild is that the end user developed it. It is logical and easy for new starters to pick up, every surveyor that has joined from another business cannot praise it enough. A key feature of the software is that it brings together the accounting and surveying functions of the business. There is a high degree of transparency, so that every cost allocated by accounts can be interrogated by the surveyor."

Brian Williams – Deputy Managing Director

“Most construction accounting packages do not include all of the project finance lifecycle in one solution; EasyBuild’s product recognises this. With Pat McGowan (EasyBuild, Founder and Chief Technology Officer) being a construction accountant it shows in how the solution has been developed and how user friendly it is. We like the fact that the modules are linked, especially the integrated approach of surveying reconciling completely with the company accounts. We believe that should our processes alter, EasyBuild is flexible enough to be able to cater for future developments and that the system provides resilience for the future, reducing investment costs and avoiding the need to fund new systems.”

Nigel Rickman – Financial Director

"We've had EasyBuild installed for over ten years and haven't looked back. EasyBuild is a very powerful enterprise system for the construction industry and it has many advantages over other packages. It is simple to operate with no complex menu structures, navigation is point and click rather than "clunky" Character based and EasyBuild offers superb inexpensive connectivity for remote locations via VPN. Our development investment in Windows, Oracle and Crystal Reports ensures EasyBuild is a product built on a solid foundation with a long future. We are confident that KDC will greatly benefit from its many features in managing and controlling their many projects."

Sue Lueck-Mandley – Finance Manager

County Contractors is a leading privately owned refurbishment contractor with a wealth of experience and expertise spanning over 40 years.  County were looking to replace the existing core system and associated databases with a single dynamic solution that offered future efficiencies as the company progressed. EasyBuild was selected from a number of competitors due to its ease of use, the modern interface and its ability to enable us to streamline process.

 Ian Cook, the Financial Controller of County gave the following reasons behind EasyBuild being the preferred solutions.

“County required a solution which is both user friendly and intuitive. We had to be able to demonstrate to the user community that making this change was going to make their lives easier and reduce their workload and we believe EasyBuild can offer this. EasyBuild presented the software on a number of occasions giving us confidence in the system as well as showing us that Easybuild as a company were dynamic and forward thinking. I am confident this is the right choice for us for many years to come”

Ian Cook, Financial Controller

“Easybuild is as it states - it is easy to use and is an excellent costing package.”

Bernadette McGuinness

“We have been impressed with EasyBuild, particularly the project costing side, which closely resembles the way my Surveyors are used to doing CVRs etc. The product is therefore very user friendly. Additionally, I have been very pleased with the support we have received from EasyBuild.”

Ray Llewellyn - Managing Director

“Very happy customer, very good software, user-friendly, quick responses, would highly recommend.”

Rebecca Foley

“We have found Easybuild's staff to be helpful and knowledgeable about the software. The implementation went very smoothly. cost value reporting is excellent, the document scanning system works well, the system delivered what was required”

Roger Turnbull – Director

“Easybuild has saved us hours and hours of time with easy subcontractor and supplier management.”

Andrew Oosthuizen - Director

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