Document Management

EasyBuild’s document management system functionality enables you to store, manage, and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured utilising the document scanner.

EasyBuild Invoice Register

Streamline your construction invoice processing and free up your Finance team to focus on other tasks and provide improved traceability with the EasyBuild Invoice Register.

EasyBuild’s Invoice Register facilitates the recording of invoices or credit notes received from suppliers, prior to any transaction being posted to the supplier accounts.

Once the invoice header information and values have been entered, users have the option to assign the totals to a project, if known at this stage. An electronic copy of the invoice can also be loaded against the register item using our drag and drop feature.

Once complete, the registered transaction can then be allocated to another member of staff to check the information previously entered, complete the remaining project cost allocation, and update the supplier account accordingly.

Drag & Drop

EasyBuild allows the processing of electronic supplier, subcontractor a client documents without the need to scan these into the system manually. Documents such as invoices, credit notes, GRN’s can all be saved against the appropriate transactions within EasyBuild. These documents are then available for viewing in the relevant areas of the system.

Document Scanning

Our software uses the latest technology to provide a document management solution that is simple and flexible.

  • QR Codes are attached to documents then scanned into EasyBuild providing a view of the scanned document from any part of the system – such as Suppliers, Projects, General Ledger

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How long does the demo last?

We know that the construction, house building and maintenance industries are busy, so our demonstrations last between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your needs.

  • Online demos
  • At your office
  • At the EasyBuild office

What can I expect from the demo?

We will review your requirements and tailor the demonstration to your specific business, taking you through the live system and how it can help you.

  • Q & A session
  • Sample transactions and processes
  • Post demo financial proposal