House Builders

Construction software with dedicated feature for house builders included end-to-end sales management. EasyBuild is the essential house builder software package.

House Builders Software

The EasyBuild construction software package provides an integrated house sales, financial and project accounting software for house builders and property developers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are building large volumes of properties or one off developments, our house builder software is just right for you.

Benefits for House Builders
  • Optimise cash flow.
  • Improve house sales management.
  • Improve project control performance.
  • Identify process inefficiencies.
  • Reduction in paper.
  • Integrated approach to financial and commercial management.
  • Modular structures means companies can pick modules which best suit their needs.
  • User friendly and easy to learn, a result of being built within a construction business.
  • Drill-down capability allows management to move from high level information to detailed aspects of contracts quickly and logically.
  • Efficient data storage in one central repository, eliminating departmental islands of information, and meaning that data is only keyed in once.
Key features for House Builders
  • Financial Accounting
  • Project Accounting/Job Costing/CVR
  • Full House Sales Module from setting up a plot through to post completion.
  • Payroll
  • Sub-Contractor Management including specialist White Card System.
  • Ground Rent Invoicing.
  • Procurement
  • Stock Management
  • Document Scanning (Office & Site)
  • CIS Compliant
  • Defects Management
  • Built on a Oracle Platform
  • Full reporting suite

House Sales

This comprehensive house sales module allows the build-up of individual plots on a development. It takes each plot through release, reservation, exchange, legal completion and post-sales feeding directly into the Works Orders module.

There is also a facility to manage incoming sales enquiries and to match potential purchasers to available properties.

  • Collect house purchaser data, perhaps on a sales office laptop on-site
  • Manage information flow on all sales aspects, legal, mortgage requirements, existing property for sale, extras/allowances and so on
  • Up-to-date price lists and financial reporting for the construction project as a whole, including cash flow forecasting
  • Create a library of standard house and garage types
  • Attach multiple documents (photographs, specifications and so forth) to plots
  • Capture incoming sales enquiries, manage viewings, notes and match potential purchasers to properties

How long does the demo last?

We know that the construction, house building and maintenance industries are busy, so our demonstrations last between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your needs.

  • Online demos
  • At your office
  • At the EasyBuild office

What can I expect from the demo?

We will review your requirements and tailor the demonstration to your specific business, taking you through the live system and how it can help you.

  • Q & A session
  • Sample transactions and processes
  • Post demo financial proposal