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UK Government Releases Construction Playbook

UK Government Releases Construction Playbook

The UK government has published its Construction Playbook, outlining commercial best practices and reforms. Covering everything from preparation and planning to financial monitoring and operations, it sets out how contractors and suppliers should work in 2021 and beyond to make projects quicker, better and greener.

With the construction industry being so large and public works projects contributing so much to the economy – £117 billion in 2018 – it’s more important than ever that it comes out of the coronavirus pandemic stronger than ever.

The playbook includes measures that will:

  • Provide long-term plans and security for key public works programmes
  • Modernise construction with standardised designs and parts
  • Bring more digital technologies into construction
  • Put more focus on building positive relationships in the industry
  • Invest more in training and apprenticeships

This has come about following months of talks between the government and the construction sector. The Construction Playbook has been backed by firms and business associations up and down the UK, and it came into effect in December 2020.

Who is the playbook aimed at?

While the contents of the Construction Playbook are considered good practice for everyone involved in public works projects, it is primarily aimed at those in commercial, finance, project delivery and policy departments. Knowing the contents of the playbook is essential as you will only be able to ignore parts if you can give a good reason. However, this ‘comply or explain’ system does show that the government recognises there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to public works.

The government also states that ministers, permanent secretaries, accounting offices, project sponsors and more will find the information useful.

What’s in the playbook?

At the playbook’s core are 14 key policies. These address how the government should assess, procure and deliver public works projects and programmes. The policies are:

  • Commercial pipelines
  • Marketing health and capability assessments
  • Portfolios and longer term contracting
  • Harmonising, digitising and rationalising demand
  • Further embedding digital technologies
  • Early supply chain involvement
  • Outcome-based approaches
  • Benchmarking and Should Cost Models
  • Delivery model assessments
  • Effective contracting
  • Risk allocation
  • Payment mechanisms and pricing approaches
  • Assessing the economic and financial standing of suppliers
  • Resolution planning

Together, they bring together commercial best practices and reforms that will increase the end-to-end speed of projects and programmes.

As Andy Mitchell, industry-side co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council, says: “[The playbook] will aim to deliver a better and fairer industry, with stronger and more open relationships between the industry and its clients, fewer disputes, and more equitable contractual terms, that ensure prompt and fair payment and balanced allocation of risk, where these are managed by the organisation best places to do so.”

Some time is also spent on the government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This will be achieved through promoting the use of carbon assessments. Cabinet Office Minister Lord Agnew says, “By adopting the new Construction Playbook, developed with industry partners, we will help ensure that the sector becomes greener and more innovative.”

“The vision will only be achieved by working together and setting out clear requirements to reform the industry,” adds Cabinet Office permanent secretary Alex Chisholm.

Carol Massay, head of construction at The Access Group, says, “It is a fundamental requirement that the built environment support this transformational journey. It serves as a real commitment to support the sector to introduce good practices for businesses and the public sector. We are keen to support these changes with our construction management technology offering.”

EasyBuild prepares to implement HMRC's delayed Domestic Reverse Charge

EasyBuild prepares to implement HMRC’s delayed Domestic Reverse Charge

After being delayed from 1 October 2020 to 1 March 2021, HMRC’s Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC) is finally just around the corner.

The charge is being introduced on VAT to combat the 100 million revenues that HMRC claim are being fraudulently misplaced in the construction industry. DRC is already in place in other UK sectors.

What is the domestic reverse charge?

At its most basic level, the DRC removes the ability of suppliers to charge VAT instead of customers self-accounting for VAT through VAT returns.

However, it is a little more complicated – it doesn’t cover all construction services. Businesses will need to know where and when the DRC applies to them. You must use it if you’re VAT registered in the UK, buy building and construction industry services, and:

  • Payment for the supply is reported within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • The supply is standard or reduced rated
  • You’re not hiring either staff or workers, or both
  • You’re not using the end user or intermediary exclusions

The DRC won’t apply to zero-rated supplies of construction services, or end users as both the supplier and customer have to be both VAT and CIS registered.

If you’re wondering what counts as a construction service, the list includes extensions, demolition, heating installation, lighting, air conditioning, drainage, painting and decorating, and more. A full list can be found on the government’s website.

How to prepare

If you haven’t started getting ready for the DRC, now is the time. There’s a lot to do, including:

  • Making sure your accounting accounting systems and software can deal with the DRC
  • Considering if it will impact your cash flow
  • Ensuring your staff responsible for VAT accounting know about the changes and how they work

Issues will arise if you don’t undertake DRC correctly. Incorrect assessments or under-declared VAT will result in penalties, and overcharging customers for VAT will sour your supplier-customer relationships.

It’s not all bad news if you get something wrong, though. HMRC has said that it won’t be too strict with genuine compliance mistakes in the initial six-month period when the DRC is introduced to allow for an adjustment period.

How can EasyBuild help?

Many of our clients will be affected by the DRC, so we will be organising regular briefings to keep you up to date with changes in our software.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

What ERP-Based Accounting Software Can Do for Your Construction Business

What ERP-Based Accounting Software Can Do for Your Construction Business

In the construction industry we’re all balancing invoices, receipts, payroll and bills. Everything has to add up and at the end of the day, you need to be returning a profit.

So what happens when an unprecedented challenge hits? How can you keep on top of your accounting when a pandemic grips the world? That’s where ERP-based software comes in.

Cloud-based accounting software

Keeping everything in one place is essential. For many companies, this equates to a spreadsheet with figures and formulas aplenty. But spreadsheets can break, and one wrong character in a formula could give you the wrong numbers.

That’s not a problem with EasyBuild’s cloud-based accounting software. With the ability to accumulate large amounts of supplementary information to plan budgets, analyse performance and scrutinise costs, you can mitigate risk.

The flexibility afforded to construction companies by software like this means that they can handle the industry’s complexities no matter the external factors. Something like this is more important than ever in a year marred by Brexit, a worldwide pandemic and geopolitical strife.

One of the added advantages of cloud-based software is that updates can be rolled out whenever necessary. In light of HMRC’s VAT change for the construction industry, EasyBuild has added new capabilities to its solutions. Keeping up with new regulations is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons instead of having to introduce entirely new processes.

Preparing for the unexpected

With so much change in 2020 and the continued issues as we head into 2021, the systems we have in place are being challenged like never before. That’s why it’s crucial to have suppliers who are wholly committed to the industry.

At EasyBuild, we’re always ready to provide advice, support and the software tweaks our customers need. Our job is to allow you to get on with yours.

The Access Group acquires EasyBuild

The Access Group acquires EasyBuild to secure market-leading position in the provision of software and services to the construction sector

The Access Group today announced the acquisition of EasyBuild, a Borehamwood-based organisation offering ERP software designed to meet the specific needs of the construction sector. Building on the acquisition of ConQuest in 2018, the addition of EasyBuild provides Access with the most comprehensive set of software solutions in this industry.

EasyBuild was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing ERP software to meet the specific needs of this complex sector, including Main Contractors, Civils, Demolition and Concrete Frame, Interior Fit Out, Roofing and Cladding, Joinery, Rail, Highways and Utilities – providing the critical tools needed to manage projects in a timely and efficient manner.

EasyBuild’s CEO, Carol Massay, brings with her over 30 years’ experience working within the construction industry. Starting with one of the top 10 house builders, Carol continued her journey with an established Irish-based civil engineering and building contractor. With this experience, Carol moved into construction technology where she has helped drive the message to embrace technology to promote a more efficient way of working within the sector. EasyBuild has grown significantly in the last five years since Carol joined as CEO, winning awards for their software every year over the last four years.

Brendan Flattery, Managing Director of Access ERP commented: “The Access ERP business already has a strong footprint in the construction sector serving over 1,000 Access customers. Since the acquisition of ConQuest in 2018, we’ve been looking for other complementary solutions to expand our offering, primarily in the UK, but with an eye towards Europe. With their range of ERP solutions, specifically designed for the complex project management needs of this sector, EasyBuild was an obvious choice.
We are really excited to be welcoming Carol and the whole EasyBuild team into the Access Group.”

Carol Massay, CEO of EasyBuild commented: “Joining Access gives EasyBuild a new level of expertise in the provision of integrated software solutions, an acceleration of our product development and gives our customers the opportunity to explore a wider range of business solutions from one provider.

My journey in construction started over 30 years ago, and for the last 18 years I’ve focused on construction technology. It has been my personal ambition to help transform the sector and deliver the message to embrace technology to promote a more efficient way of working. My journey continues now as part of The Access Group, and I’m really excited to be joining Brendan and the team as part of the Access ERP business.”

About The Access Group

The Access Group is a leading provider of business management software to mid-sized UK organisations. It helps more than 35,000 customers across commercial and not-for-profit sectors become more productive and efficient. Its innovative Access Workspace cloud solutions transform the way business software is used, giving every employee the freedom to do more. Founded in 1991, The Access Group employs more than 3000 staff. For more information about The Access Group, visit

EasyBuild CEO Joins Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Directors Board

EasyBuild CEO Joins Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Directors Board

Last month our CEO, Carol Massay, joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Directors Board.

Carol was requested to join the Directors Board by the current chairman, Jeremy Bishop. After careful deliberation and consideration, Carol accepted the offer with open arms, officially becoming a board member in November.

Carol commented: “This is a significant opportunity for EasyBuild and also myself. As a member of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Board, this will provide strong collaboration with other businesses in Hertfordshire, and also enable me to contribute to key policies and decisions being made, specifically around construction and technology. This is a really exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to it.”

Briege Leahy, Chief Executive at Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, told us: “We are delighted that Carol has come on as a Board Member. Since joining the Chamber as a Platinum member in 2019, Carol has been an ambassador in its truest form. Her energy, commitment and engagement with the Chamber and our membership community is a real asset, and so we asked her to join the Board of Directors in October 2020.

“Carol is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board, including over 30 years’ experience in the Property and Construction sector, in particular technology solutions which overall will benefit Herts Chamber and our members.”

Founded in 1924, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce provides first-class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes, influencing key decision makers in local and central government. Carol and the EasyBuild team joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce as a platinum member in 2019.

EasyBuild Wins Construction Computing Awards for Fourth Year Running

EasyBuild Wins Construction Computing Awards for Fourth Year Running

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been crowned the winner of the Construction Computing Awards category ERP Software of the Year for the fourth year in a row.

EasyBuild: ERP Software of the Year 2020 Winner

But that’s not all – we also took home first place in a new category at the awards, Construction Software Product of the Year.

EasyBuild: Construction Software Product of the Year 2020 Winner

Carol Massay, EasyBuild’s CEO, said: “2020, as we all know, has been a challenging year for us all in one way or another. As a business leader, ensuring that my team has the support and guidance to enable them to adapt to the last-minute changes has been fundamental to keep us going strong as a team. Maintaining our technology contribution to the construction sector and providing a high quality of customer service and support has definitely paid off.

“A massive thank you to our existing customers and users of our innovative ERP software – this has secured us at the winner of this category for the fourth year running!”

“I am also delighted that we picked up a new award of Construction Software Product of the Year 2020,” she added. “Thanks to all of my team at EasyBuild UK; this is recognition of your commitment and hard work.”

The Construction Computing Awards is a major industry event that celebrates and rewards technology and solutions companies within the building and construction sector. ‘The Hammers’, as they are affectionately known, showcases and rewards the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing, and civil engineering projects of all sizes.

BASDA: The Voice of UK Software

EasyBuild CEO Joins BASDA General Council

EasyBuild had the privilege of joining the Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA) back in May 2020. This meant that we had up-to-date information on software development as and when legislation changes. It also puts us at the heart of a collective and influential industry voice, gaining access to specialist interest groups and business networking events.

Some of BASDA’s interest groups include:

However, during one of the association’s regular meetings it was mentioned that they would be replacing a member of their general council panel. To our delight, EasyBuild’s CEO, Carol Massay, was voted in as the latest member of the BASDA General Council.

The General Council is the governing body of BASDA and considers all matters of policy and strategy. It also conducts any other business as necessary to carry out the aims and objectives of BASDA and is the driving force behind the association. They look for enthusiastic, pro-active representatives who can contribute a little of their time, expertise and resources to help serve our industry.

Carol said: “This is a great opportunity not only for myself to be around experts in the key field of software development, but to have a voice on any changes that are coming up. As a business leader it is most important for me to be able to inform the customers that I serve in a timely, confident manner of any imminent changes coming up that will impact the way they work and how our software will be changed to accommodate.

“I am really looking forward to working with the other members and bringing some of my experience to the team for the coming months and years.”

JAMS Mechanical Services Ltd

EasyBuild Construction Software is delighted to welcome on board as a new customer J Andrews Mechanical Services Ltd.

Currently, JAMS are using spreadsheets for procurement and commercial processes and have an external accountant handling all of their finances.

Due to continued growth, they are looking forward to implementing EasyBuild’s Construction Management Software to bring together their finance and commercial departments into a single database to reduce time spent re-inputting data and to provide real-time costs, revenues and margins on all of their projects. 

Having been in the HVAC industry for over thirty years, J Andrews Me is a leading mechanical and plumbing contractor that provides design, installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions in all types of commercial, retail, industrial, public sector and communal housing projects within the public and private sectors. 

Based in Nottinghamshire, they work with a range of businesses and main contractors across the UK.

IHA Awards 2020

EasyBuild UK Sponsors Hertfordshire’s Chamber of Commerce Grand Reveal

On Thursday 1 October 2020, after a very difficult few months, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce held its virtual Grand Reveal Event. Originally supposed to take place in June, the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards (IHA) were forced to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The awards ceremony will now be taking place on 10 June 2021.

Over 150 delegates – made up of sponsors, finalists and other stakeholders – came together for the virtual event on 1 October to hear the big announcement the Chamber had promised to reveal.

Inspiring Herts Awards 2020

It was announced that we are going to be the official sponsor of a new category in the IHAs: the Hertfordshire Heroes Award.

The Hertfordshire Heroes is a new award created this year specifically to showcase how Hertfordshire businesses and individuals have gone above and beyond for the community during the pandemic.

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce is a privately run membership organisation that can open doors for local businesses and organisations by helping them to grow their profile and connect with other businesses locally, nationally and globally through a range of membership benefits and networking opportunities. As the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Accredited Chamber of Commerce for Hertfordshire, members can benefit from association with 52 other UK chambers and a network of 41 chambers globally.

We are delighted at the opportunity to sponsor the Hertfordshire Heroes Award category. Carol Massay, our CEO, said: “This year, as we all know, has had its challenging moments for all businesses. To recognise individuals and businesses who have put themselves out to support others in the community deserves great recognition. EasyBuild UK has had to adapt as a business to support the customers we provide services too, so I know first hand what the challenges are.”

Togher Construction

Togher Construction Limited is an extensively experienced reinforced concrete (RC) frame company with the ability to integrate groundwork and associated works in one package.

As a leading RC Frame Contractor, Togher Construction has seen some significant growth since they originally formed in 2005 and EasyBuild has been honoured to be part of that journey for a number of years.

We are delighted that Togher will not only continue but expand their use of the EasyBuild construction management software across their business structure and thrilled to say they have recently signed up to the new EasyBuild Essentials Bundle. We look forward to our continued relationship and building further opportunities.

Churchill Contractors

Churchill Contractors Ltd leading contractors of Steel Fabrication, Design & Installation have recently signed up to a new agreement with EasyBuild and upgraded to the EasyBuild Essentials Bundle.

Churchill Contractors has been an existing customer for a number of years and the software will continue to underpin their financial, commercial and procurement processes within their business.

Churchill has worked hard to establish a reputation for combining a professional approach, high build quality and competitive pricing on all their projects. They are based in the West Midlands, but also work with companies operating right across the UK. They bring technical expertise, experience and facilities to turn client designs into satisfyingly robust and well-built solutions.

La ‘ala Al-Kuwait

A leading contractor in the UAE, La ‘ala Al-Kuwait have extended their agreement with EasyBuild as well as upgrading to the EasyBuild Essentials Bundle.

La ‘ala Al-Kuwait has been one of the leading contractors on the Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City development.

Established in 1991, La’ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Co. managed to achieve the project of “Sabah Al-Ahmed Sea City” (previously, Al-Khiran Pearl Residential City), which is considered the largest residential project with integrated facilities, services and infrastructure.

The total cost of the project is estimated to reach KD. 1.5 Billion (Equivalent to around US$ 5 Billion). Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City is regarded as a pioneering project in the region as one of the projects of the future.

RealTime Civil Engineering

Real-Time Engineering

EasyBuild is delighted to welcome RealTime Civil Engineering Ltd as a customer following their recent go-live implementation during the lockdown.

RealTime had been operating a competitive solution for over fifteen years and frustrated with the systems’ inefficiencies went to market in search of a fully integrated ERP construction management solution that would assist growth and processes within their business structure.

Since going live and seeing how EasyBuild helps to support the financial, operational, and commercial aspects of its business Mark Comiskey, MD commented that ‘EasyBuild has been very well received in the business, is easy to use and we are already being rewarded with efficiency savings’. Mark has also been in dialogue with Matt Tabard for more information on EasyBuild’s mobile application to see how they might be able to help streamline even more processes.

RealTime has vast experience in groundworks,  substructure & superstructure activities within the commercial, residential, educational and health care sectors of the industry. Realtime has the direct labour and plant resources to deliver the most complex and challenging construction projects having successfully delivered a large number of projects over the years ranging in value from £250,000 to £15,000,000.

Du-Van Developers (Pty) Ltd

Du-Van Developers are an existing EasyBuild customer who has recently signed up to the EasyBuild Essentials Bundle and renewed a new long term agreement showing commitment to the company and product.

Based in the Kingdom of Swaziland, Du-Van Developers (Pty) Ltd offers a unique combination of multiple disciplinary skills in design, engineering and various construction capabilities as evidenced by a proven track record of a number of major projects implemented.

The company has positioned itself as a primary contractor in the delivery of general infrastructure, commercial, residential buildings and industrial facilities.

Glebe Builders – Principal Contractor

Earlier this month we were delighted to sign up Glebe Builders who are a leading contractor based in Donegal, Ireland. 

Glebe Builders are a family-run business and work as a principal contractor. One of the fundamental reasons they went to market for a new ERP construction management solution was to ensure the management team has a system that gives complete visibility of all project costs, as well as having a solution that would run their full end to end procurement process and give the ability to store key product information. 

Glebe took the decision to undertake a review of varying software solutions in the market in the UK and Ireland which lead to the key stakeholders deciding to sign with EasyBuild commenting that they were “extremely impressed by both the functionality and ease of use of the software”.  

EasyBuild’s CEO Leads European WICE Awards Judging Panel

Carol Massay, CEO of EasyBuild, ad the WICE Awards

The European Women In Construction & Engineering (WICE) Awards has been designed to find the most exemplary women within construction and engineering across Europe. To encourage companies to employ and train more women in these sectors, entry for the awards is by nomination only.

Carol Massay, EasyBuild’s CEO, was delighted when she was asked to take part in the awards as head judge in the consultant category. The opportunity came off the back of her participation last year when she was a panel speaker and presented the award for the Best Consultant of the Year at the prestigious event held in London.

Last year’s winner, Roni Savage, has gone on to great things since winning. She has appeared on BBC Business News, taken part in parliamentary discussions for small businesses, and she is now the Policy Chair Construction for the Federation of Small Businesses, all while running her own company, JOMAS Associates.

Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK. The WICE Awards play an important role in engaging more women to work in the industry by providing a platform for those who work within engineering and construction and to share their expertise and act as role models. Gender equality across the workforce is something that is very close to the heart of EasyBuild, and Carol took the opportunity to be involved again this year with both hands.

Carol and her fellow judges

A fantastic experience for all

Carol commented about her experience with the WICE Awards telling us that “being involved assessing candidates who are experts in their field was a great experience” – but also a “real challenge” as they were all of a really high standard.

Knowing that the sector continues to produce strong diverse women in a number of key construction roles will ensure that graduates and other individuals wishing to move into construction will have access to mentors and support.

Carol was supported by her fellow judges Thomas Edgcumbe, MD (UKCS North and Midlands) at Balfour Beatty plc, and Helen Barrow, MD of Power Regeneration Utilities at Accenture, which made the whole process a great experience.

George Houlton & Sons Ltd

Founded in Hull in 1879, Houlton has been at the forefront of construction, quality and teamwork for over 140 years.

The business employs over 120 people and operates across three core areas – Building and Maintenance, Construction and Developments, supported by their Plant division. 

Houlton has completed a number of projects under the very successful YORbuild1 and YORbuild2 frameworks in recent years with client satisfaction being a lead requirement. They have an average of 73% repeat business over the years, which is a great achievement.

As an existing customer of EasyBuild, we are delighted that they have recently upgraded to the EasyBuild Essentials Bundle and are also utilising some of our new applications such as the ability to ‘Drag and Drop’ electronically received invoices directly into the EasyBuild software which is saving a significant amount of time and money.

Invek Services Ltd

Invek Services is an independent family-owned Building Services Provider located on the outskirts of Bristol and within the M4 corridor.

Specialising in the design, installation and delivery of building service solutions, covering all aspects of mechanical engineering installations.

Whether they are working for the main contractor, consultant or end-user Invek pride themselves on providing high-quality solutions and installations whilst creating and delivering value.

EasyBuild is delighted that Invek Services have extended their relationship with us and upgraded to our EasyBuild Essentials Bundle.

MGB Contractors

MGB Contractors currently an existing EasyBuild customer and fully utilising the EasyBuild software across their finance, commercial and procurement departments. This migration allowed MGB to remove a significant number of manual processes within the business.  However, the business has grown and with staff changes, the management team knew that the software could offer the business much more functionality and efficiencies, so contacted the EasyBuild Account Management team to discuss further applications.

The initial discussions highlighted a number of new features and processes available to the users as well as improving existing knowledge through additional engagement with the EasyBuild Professional Services team. 

The Directors are delighted with what has been achieved and commended EasyBuild on the service provided, taking time to work with MGB and the end results have seen major improvements in processes and efficiency from the ERP Construction Management Software.

About MGB:

With a strong heritage spanning almost 10 years, MGB Contractors has grown to become one of the leading Steel fixing Groundwork and Formwork companies trusted by the main building contractors throughout the South East.

Specialising in providing an expert team of highly skilled professionals who are all qualified members. A team of highly flexible staff, available at short notice and fully scalable to provide the perfect solution for any construction site or development.

Led by Owner and Director Marin Gazulli, the core team has even more individual experience having worked for over twenty years within large construction companies throughout the UK.

Their knowledgeable approach and detailed execution of work has led to continued repeat business from many clients. They are proud to constantly secure new contracts with new clients from recommendations.

Bethmar acquired by J Coffey Group

Bethmar Ltd is one of the latest companies to be acquired by the J Coffey Group. They are a full turn-key Utilities and Civil Engineering company specialising in the installation of fibre broadband and telecommunications.

EasyBuild was the perfect award-winning ERP Construction software for Bethmar. Providing a future-proofed solution to manage their finance, commercial costs and purchasing in one integrated platform.

The software provides J Coffey with all of the company financials and visibility required of their companies. It highlights the fact that the EasyBuild software solution is applicable to varying industry sectors such as telecoms and data and is used right across the construction spectrum.

Jamieson Contracting (NW)

Jamieson Contracting (NW) continue their commitment to EasyBuild by upgrading to the EasyBuild Essential Bundle.

Jamieson Contracting was formed 30 years ago in 1985 when founder Chris Jamieson started the family-run business. As a skilled plasterer operating across building sites throughout the North West of England, London and having gained experience of managing sites in Saudi Arabia, his knowledge and reputation for attention to detail were in such demand that the company has grown organically into the multi-million-pound turnover business it is today.

As one of the North West’s leading contractors, they are the partner of choice for construction, refurbishment and maintenance projects in the area, focusing on quality, customer care and satisfaction.  EasyBuild is delighted to be continuing our partnership and help Jamieson Contracting (NW) achieve their business goals.

Tom Findlay – Signed up to EB Subscription Model

Tom Findlay & Co Ltd is one of the largest and longest established mechanical services contractors in Central Scotland. The company was formed in 1977 (incorporated 1982) and has carried out thousands of domestic plumbing and heating installations throughout the country, for most of the leading construction firms and housebuilders operating in the area.

They specialise in both new build and refurbishment markets, with an experienced team capable of taking on projects of any size.

EasyBuild is delighted that Tom Findlay & Co have continued with their commitment to the EasyBuild ERP Construction Management platform and have successfully moved across to EasyBuild’s new subscription model, further enhancing their investment into business process efficiency, effectiveness and return-on-investment.

Claritas – Doubling Up

Claritas is a principal contractor delivering a range of projects with values from £1-70m across residential, commercial and education markets.

They operate throughout London and the South East and are proud to have established robust repeat relationships with several leading UK development companies.

As of the 6th April 2020, Claritas is the new name of AMCM, reflecting their clear and transparent way of working.

Claritas has continued to work with EasyBuild during Covid-19 and implemented an increase in its use of EasyBuild Construction Software throughout the company, having to double-up the number of users.

EasyBuild underpins all the financial, commercial and purchasing functions within the business and continues to play a significant role as the company continues with its growth plans.

Vita Construction – New Cloud Service from EasyBuild

Vita Construction is one of Nigeria’s largest and leading principal contractors, involved in a complete range of projects from Residential, Healthcare, Commercial and Government. 

Vita has celebrated thirty-eight years of Quality Services in the construction industry of Nigeria. From the humble beginnings with a handful of staff, they have now grown to a company that employs over 2,300 people.

Vita is an existing EasyBuild customer and following recent discussions, it became apparent that the business had grown significantly, so their software requirements needed to change due to continued growth.

EasyBuild has assisted Vita to move their whole operations from an on-premise solution to EasyBuild’s Cloud service. Vita has increased its number of users and also adopted the EasyBuild Professional Bundle, utilising Mobile Applications for Requisitions and Good Received Notes with complete visibility through the Dashboard module.

O J Construction Logo

O J Construction Interview

Watch our interview with O J Construction – Andre Oosthuizen, a long term client of EasyBuild who is based in Namibia, South Africa.

Andre discusses what the main benefits have been for OJC in using a fully integrated ERP Construction Management Solution and why they decided to upgrade from EasyBuild’s on-premise solution to a cloud offering, which enables OJC to remotely support their varying offices spread over a very large geographical area.

Interview with Andre Oosthuizen – O J Construction
Project Pink Sparkle

Project Pink Sparkle

In an effort to give something back to the NHS heroes in Hertfordshire, EasyBuild CEO Carol Massay is appealing for donations for Project Pink Sparkle, which has been created in collaboration with other members of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. Donations of between £10 and £100 will go towards items for ‘thank you’ gift bags for NHS staff that will include luxury products.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to support the NHS,” Carol says. “This will instantly help to put a smile on an NHS worker’s face. To let them know that the people of Hertfordshire are behind them would be absolutely fantastic.”

If you are able, please donate what you can. Anything you can give will go a long way to showing our support for the heroes as they face the pandemic head on.

JOG contractors

JOG Groundwork & Civil Engineering are delighted and excited to implement EasyBuild

EasyBuild are delighted to welcome JOG Groundwork & Civil Engineering who recently purchased the ERP Construction Management Software. Managing Director – Owen O’Grady has strong and clear ambitions for the company and we are delighted he has chosen EasyBuild as the solution to help him achieve this.

Owen replied, ‘JOG Groundwork & Civil Engineering are delighted and excited to implement EasyBuild and look forward to the system going live. A special thanks to Franco Iannaccone and Pat McGowan for their patience and demonstrating EasyBuild’s functions multiple times. Also a special thanks to Carol Massay for your support and making this happen. We look forward to our relationship with EasyBuild and the benefits of their software.’

windborough homes

Windborough Homes signed up during Covid19 lockdown

Windborough Homes, a growing regional housebuilder has recently signed up to EasyBuild (Construction Software) Ltd. As they sign up more sites and ready to build more great homes, they needed a system that they could use to manage all the costs, procurement and finance in one system.

Windborough Homes is led by a management team with more than 75 years of house building experience. They are a company big enough to compete with the national house builders on price and intimate enough to give customers the benefit of a personal and professional service.

We are looking forward to building this new partnership with Windborough Homes.

County Contractors

As a new Financial Controller with an ambitious strategic plan, it’s vital that your company’s finance system will be able to support you – and your plan.

When Ian Cook, Financial Controller at County Contractors, joined the business just over five years ago, that was not the case. The Somerset-based leading commercial refurbishment specialist had an ageing, existing finance system, but it was already painfully unstable and unreliable. In order for Ian to realise his vision of a more efficient, compliant and profitable business, he knew that new tools would be needed.

Supporting the whole of your business

“The core of the business is the finance system, so there are a lot of stakeholders to keep happy.” – Ian Cook, County Contractors

Once County Contractors became aware that the current finance system was no longer fit for purpose, the company looked at what was needed and went out to market. County Contractors chose the award-winning EasyBuild ERP software as an all-in-one solution because it is designed for the construction sector, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Making change easier for client businesses

“If I tried to take EasyBuild’s key functions away from my team now, they’d be screaming at me. They love them!“ – Ian Cook

Bringing EasyBuild into an organisation where the finance team’s processes were entirely based on the old system was a challenge. Although there was some initial push back before implementation, Ian was delighted by how well his team adapted once the new system was in use. “Once they started using the system they could immediately see the real benefits,” says Ian. Now, three years later, the finance team at County Contractors are not just accepting of EasyBuild’s software, they are big fans!

A solution that evolves with your company’s needs

“As our business develops, so does the EasyBuild system.” – Ian Cook

One of the biggest attractions for County Contractors was EasyBuild’s constant focus on enhancements and developments to the system. If a client suggests a development that will be helpful to the user base as a whole, then this can often be added at no further cost. However, EasyBuild’s talented development team can also create bespoke functionality for specific clients, which County Contractors have been able to benefit from.

A personal service dedicated to helping you

“EasyBuild are a great company to work with. They’re genuinely interested in how they can help your business – that’s rare.” – Ian Cook

After three years of working with EasyBuild, Ian loves the fact that when he contacts the company, he knows the person he’s speaking to. Even better, they know him, they know County Contractors and they understand the company’s needs. More accurate, real-time data has made it easier and less-time consuming for the finance team to complete admin processes, so they can focus on more strategic activities. Suppliers have benefited from the in-built compliance functionality and County Contractors customers can be confident that projects will run more smoothly, all thanks to EasyBuild supporting Ian’s ambitious plans. In EasyBuild, County Contractors has found a long-term, trusted partner, invested in their success and, as sector specialists, with a deep understanding of their needs. Ian knows that no matter what County Contractors’ future plans are, EasyBuild is 100% behind them.

T&W Group Ltd

Over the last 20 years T&W Group Ltd (incorporating T&W Civil Engineering Ltd) have grown to become one of the Midlands leading Civil Engineering Contractors, working for several leading Housing Developers. The business had been using Sage as their back-office accounts solution and Excel for both commercial and procurement functions. Manual processes were right across the business, and whilst not damaging the Board knew that by bringing in a Construction Specific ERP solution, they could make further efficiency gains as well as having greater visibility of the financial status of their projects.

Over a 5 month process T&W initially reviewed six different software providers. EasyBuild engaged with the team over this period, really understanding the key elements of why the business where looking to implement a solution, the areas of inefficiencies and the vision of our solution would bring to their business.

EasyBuild where chosen due to the software functionality with a key driver being our CVR module and our ability to work with T&W on adding additional functionality required, as well as demonstrating our ability for an efficient and successful implementation process which we kicked off during our initial discussions.

Watch our interview below or click here to read more.

Crummock Surfacing Ltd

EasyBuild’s latest new customer is Crummock Surfacing Ltd, who are a multidisciplinary construction company with expertise within Civil Engineering and Surfacing with a number of framework contracts for clients such as Scottish Borders Council, Amey Highways, City of Edinburgh Council, Asda Stores Ltd, IKEA Ltds and many others.

The business is going through a period of growth and expecting to treble turnover in the next 3-5 years and with this in mind, they needed to replace their non construction Accounts solution to help them manage functionality such as; Real Time Job Costing through the EasyBuild CVR module, management of Sub-Contractors & Procurement as well as other areas specific only to construction.

Director, Tony Nield, led the search for a new solution, having had experience of ERP solutions in the past and was impressed with the simplicity and easy of use of EasyBuild, but the functionality available in the software and how the workflow of the software mirrored his companies activities.

EasyBuild was developed within a Construction company and we understand how construction operates and the challenges contractors face.

Carol Massay, CEO selected as finalist at the National Building & Construction Awards 2020

EasyBuild Construction is delighted to share some great news in the current climate of difficulty and uncertainty that our CEO, Carol Massay has been shortlisted as a finalist for Women in Construction Award at the prestigious National Building and Construction Awards in June 2020.

We are thrilled to share this opportunity where we can support and highlight the fantastic work delivered by not only our very own woman board member, but many other industrious, hardworking and enterprising building and construction women and businesses.

The National Building and Construction Awards are made up of 23 categories that allow any successful business in the UK to enter their candidates, or indeed be nominated independently as Carol was by several external individuals within the sector. Each category is scored by up to 4 different judges from a panel made up of up to 30 judges; all applications are seen by different members of the judging panel.

The awards were due to take place on Friday 19th June 2020 – Copthorne Tara Hotel, London Kensington, however due to the current issue with COVID-19 it is likely that this will take place later in the year. We will update you further once we know.

Whilst we are all managing in these difficult times our staff’s welfare is at the forefront of all our minds. We will make every effort to ensure our staff and our businesses continue to adapt and thrive in such critical times, to support our customers when they need our assistance.

Without the commitment of our Customers and the EasyBuild team such recognition like this award would not be possible, so a big thank you and keep safe!

Record Year for Aspire Technology Solutions

A fast growing tech firm has topped a record year by triumphing at the North East Business Awards.

Gateshead’s Aspire Technology Solutions is celebrating after scooping the top prize of Company of the Year at the Northumberland and Tyneside Business Awards.

The business was launched as a two-man operation back in 2006 by Chris Fraser and Nigel Begg.

Now it employs more than 150 people across its head office in Heworth Hall, Gateshead, and an office in London, having transformed the listed building into a modern office to support its ambitious growth plans.

Judges picked Aspire as Company of the Year after hearing how the firm, which specialises in connectivity, managed services and infrastructure solutions, smashed its five-year goal of reaching £20m turnover a year early.

The firm beat fellow Gateshead business Northern Gas & Power and Newcastle’s iamproperty to win the award at the event, the first of three regional heats being held to root out the best businesses in the North East.

Other heats will now follow for Durham, Sunderland and South Tyneside, and in Teesside, ahead of a grand final in April at Hardwick Hall Hotel.

The company won the last award of the night at the black-tie event at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Hotel, which attracted around 300 guests.

The evening, which was hosted by TV presenter Kirsten O’Brien, was launched by Graeme Whitfield, business editor at The Journal.

He said: “There are many things for us to celebrate. The announcement this week of 1,000 new jobs with alarm company Verisure moving to the Quorum Business Park was welcome, as are signs of growing activity along the banks of the Tyne.

“A number of North East firms were last week named among the country’s best places to work and
Greggs has continued its takeover of the world, one pastie at a time.

“The Journal dates back to 1832 and its main role throughout its history has been celebrating the best of the North East. Celebrating the best of this region is why we’re here tonight.”

The night also featured guest speaker Perry McCarthy, the British racing car driver who is best known as the original Stig from BBC’s Top Gear.

Other awards during the night went to Nebula Labs, winner of the Digital Technology award, and Houghton International, winner of the Apprenticeships, Training & Skills award, and Stablewood Coastal Cottages, which won the Tourism & Hospitality award.

Winners list in full
Newcomer of the Year – Hitmarker
Manufacturing award – Bedmax Ltd
Innovation award – Transmission Dynamics
High Growth & Ambition award – Bloom Procurement
Services award – RWO Associates

Tourism & Hospitality award – Stablewood Coastal Cottages
Digital Technology award – Nebula Labs
Small Business award – Erudus
Heart of the Community – Jam Jar Cinema
Company of the Year – Aspire Technology Solutions

EasyBuild CEO, Carol Massay invited to join the judging panel for The European Women in Construction & Engineering Awards (WICE)

According to the Department of Civil & Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK; “The construction sector plays an important role in economic growth… however, the construction sector remains male-dominated and women’s growing role as decision-makers and buyers is not reflected by their input into construction innovation and creativity.”

Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK and most of these jobs are office based and only 2% work in manual jobs. When it comes to women in engineering only 9 per cent of UK engineering professionals are women, 18 per cent in Spain, 26 per cent in Sweden and 20 per cent in Italy.

The aim of the awards is to make these industries more enticing to women. To create role models for women considering a career in these sectors, while encouraging companies to employ and train more women in these sectors.

Carol said “It’s important as fellow women leaders in construction that we support the talents in our sector, who are leading and driving change, are passionate about their work and want to further build upon their skillsets. I am honoured to be asked to support this event.”

Read more here.

The Rail Business Awards – 27th February 2020 – Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

The Rail Business Awards are returning for their 22nd year, the awards recognise excellence in the UK rail industry across technical projects, safety, marketing and customer service plus celebrating the success of individuals and teams who make a difference.

EasyBuild Construction Software Limited is honoured to sponsor and present the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at this leading industry event and also support one of our prestigious #ERP client’s, SPL Powerlines UK who have been nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ award with their project – CHS 610 Foundation Pile Cap.

The host announced for the evening is – Reverend Richard Coles. A broadcaster, writer and Church of England priest. Now known for appearances on everything from Have I Got News For You to Strictly Come Dancing, he first found fame as one half of the 1980s band, The Communards. They enjoyed three UK Top 10 hits, including the biggest-selling single of 1986: Don’t Leave Me This Way. The multi-talented Richard has turned his hand to acting, penned music for film and TV, served up advice as ‘agony uncle’ on BBC London and won a Sony Gold as presenter of The Mix on Radio 5 live.

Click here for more info.

Kind & Co (Builders) Ltd

Another new client here at EasyBuild and that is Kind & Co (Builders) Ltd.

With over 75 years’ experience in the construction industry, Kind & Co has throughout the years grown in both size, expertise and reputation.

Working on a range of products, Kind & Company aims to meet the expectations of all clients while working to deliver quality construction services across London and the South-East.

An exciting new partnership for the team, EasyBuild first engaged with the customer in August 2019 within a discovery, demonstration and a detailed workshop session, which has seen the customer move away their incumbent solution.

Please contact us for more information.

Goodwin Construction​

JAn award winning multidisciplinary Main Contractor based in Manchester, Goodwin Construction provides a range of construction solutions across the North West of England for the commercial, residential, industrial, leisure and retail industry.

The business currently operates a number of disparate systems which as a result made it very difficult as the business continues to grow. The senior team at Goodwin started the process over 18 months ago to look at systems available to deliver full integration and timely information.

After reviewing multiple systems, the MD Richard Goodwin selected EasyBuild as he was confident that the solution would transform their business.
Goodwin has also been in the news as part of their continued growth

Please contact us for more information.

Jaques Int Ltd

EasyBuild would like to welcome onboard Jaques Int Ltd.

A family run business located in rural Hertfordshire with a specialist knowledge of construction within the poultry industry who works to design and build buildings designers to their customers unique needs.

Here at EasyBuild, we will be working alongside the contractors and developers, helping them to understand and manage their procurement and commercial function, while working to reduce risk and become more efficient as a business.

Please contact us for more information.

Country Estates Ltd

January has been a busy month for our team here at EasyBuild. Another new and exciting addition to our customer base and that is with Country Estates Ltd. Based in the South of England, Country Estates are a leading provider in both office space and commercial property.

Helping companies to find their next premises, to working alongside businesses to design and build a unique property for their needs. Country Estates have decided to partner with EasyBuild as they are looking to grow and expand over the upcoming few years and have a number of exciting projects and developments in the pipeline.

Please contact us for more information.

EasyBuild Working with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce 2020

EasyBuild are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce for 2020 to look at local business and how we can build more presence and engage with local contractors and developers. There will be a number of focused events for which EasyBuild will be participating. More information will be released shortly.

EasyBuild triumph at the Construction Computing Awards 2019

It brings us great pleasure to announce that EasyBuild were voted the winner for the Enterprise Resource Planning Award at the 2019 Construction Computing Awards evening. This is the third consecutive year we have been successful as ERP Winner at the Construction Computing Awards and is a significant win for EasyBuild.  Our success could not have been achieved without all the hard work of the team and the loyalty of our customers.

Claiming the award at this year’s awards ceremony held on the 14th November at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, the team were also ecstatic to discover that EasyBuild were also named the runners up in two other categories: Best Use of IT Infrastructure Project (for EasyBuild Rostering for SPL Midland Mainline Contract) and Construction Financials Suite of the Year.  Both awards are in recognition for EasyBuild being recognised for industry specific software.

We would like to offer a huge thank you to all our customers for taking the time to vote for us and for continuing to use our services within their business throughout the year ahead and look forward to the future.

Sweet Construct Ltd

Sweet Construct Ltd are a Bristol based contractor who has seen significant growth over the last 3 years.  There was a strong requirement for a solution to replace their bespoke spreadsheets and the Management Team involved in the decision, were impressed how easily EasyBuild works and how they operate as a business.

The key for Lewis Sweet, Joint MD, was to have a solution that all users will embrace, and from his perspective a solution that would solve his issue – job costing.  As a Director it is vital that the Directors have complete transparency and visibility of their projects, this in turn will allow them to make informed key business decisions

Please contact us for more information.

Stoneforce Group

A leading contractor in both Commercial and Residential projects, Stoneforce Group have purchased EasyBuild as they embark on future growth.  The business had used Sage with a bolt-on application before reverting to Excel, however the issue facing the business was the ability to understand their profitability on their projects and how this compared against initial budgets.

Lead by their Finance Director and Operations Director, the business looked at several solutions, but the conclusion was that EasyBuild really understood the requirements and had a solution that could be rolled out across the various departments.  The key here being a solution that would and could be adopted by users of various abilities when it comes to using IT software.

Please contact us for more information

Carey London

Carey London join the growing band of RC Frame contractors who have purchased EasyBuild for replacing their non-construction accounting solution and spreadsheets for job costing. The business have been growing over the last few years with a number of significant projects and the company have looked at how they can be more efficient and how technology could help their business.

The EasyBuild solution will bring all functions of Finance, Commercial and Procurement into one function with complete integration across project, removing the time consuming process to key in data across various sources

Please contact us for more information.

Corbyn Construction

Corbyn Construction, one of London’s leading RC Frame and Groundworks contractor has purchased
EasyBuild. As growing business with a turnover now in the excess of £60m, the business had been
using Sage and various disparate systems to manage their projects.

The issues the business faced during this growth is that with Sage being a generic accounting system,
the Commercial and Procurement functions where being performed separately in a non-integrated
platform and live cost data was not possible.

Corbyn had been out to market over the last 12 months, looking at various solutions but found that
many were either too complex or intuitive and the Directors of the business demanded a solution
that would have complete uptake by their staff, whilst also giving them the ability to view real time
cost data enabling them to make informed key business decisions as and when necessary.
Corbyn Construction are one of a growing number of RC Frame contractors to have purchased

Please contact us for more information.

EasyBuild Customers Sign Up to New Bundles

NRT Carpentry, KDC (part of Veolia Group), Saper Glass, AMCM Group and OJ Construction are a number of existing EasyBuild customers to have signed up to a new agreement with EasyBuild, moving across to one of the new EasyBuild Subscription Bundles.

Moving from their existing licence model, these companies have also increased the number of users of EasyBuild across the business to ensure one common platform for all Commercial, Procurement & Financial data resides in one solution, demonstrating how pivotal the solution is to their business.

As part of the move across to our new software bundles, with the Professional Bundle there is the option to add our mobile apps for; Timesheets, Requisitions and GRN’s (Goods Received Notes)

Please contact us for more information.

EasyBuild at the Software in Construction Show

EasyBuild are excited to announce they will be exhibiting at the Software in Construction Show in Derby on 25th June.

The event is the first of its kind to showcase the different software within the construction and civil engineering industry.

Visit EasyBuild on stand S9 to find out how we can help the financial management of your projects.

Carol Massay attends WICE Annual Summit

CEO Carol Massay was delighted to be asked to attend the WICE Annual Summit as a guest speaker on the Technology in Construction panel on 24th April.

European Women In Construction & Engineering Awards were celebrating their 5th year at the most prestigious events recognising the achievements of women in these sectors.

Awards included Surveyors, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Architectures, Youngest Women in Construction, Consultants, Business Developers and many more all within the thriving industry.

Carol said “It was so good to see so many talented women in one place, presenting to judges their individual talents in their key areas of expertise, the messaging was very positive.”

Carol was then invited to present the “Best Woman Consultant of the Year” at the Awards Dinner on 21st May in London, where all other winners were announced.

It was an excellent event, one that EasyBuild are proud to have been apart of!

Kaybridge Construction (Barnet) Ltd

Family run contractor Kaybridge Construction (Barnet) Ltd specialise in the delivery of successful groundworks, sub-structure and superstructure solutions for projects of all sizes to the UK construction industry. The business is currently going through a period of significant growth and had some major reservations about the software used to manage the financial information of their projects.

Using a Sage Third Party solution really didn’t work for them and Finance Director, Siobhan O’Connor was the driving force with the vision that the business needed to partner with a solution provider that understands construction but would also provide a good level of service which they were not currently getting.

There was a complete buy in from across the business that EasyBuild will help Kaybridge streamline their processes and move the Commercial team away from Excel, whilst introducing EasyBuild’s Mobile Solutions as Phase 2. The business is expecting to double in turnover during 2019 and therefore even greater understanding of project cost information is required and EasyBuild will drive this forward with them.

Best Construction Software Developer Firm 2019!

EasyBuild are delighted to announce they have won Best Construction Software Developer Firm 2019 from the Build – Infrastructure Awards 2019!

The Infrastructure Awards strive on showcasing the hard work and achievements of the parties within the industry, including construction, transportation and energy & utilities. EasyBuild are thrilled that their innovative software solution has been widely recognised.

Brymor Construction Ltd

Brymor Construction Ltd are the latest EasyBuild customer to upgrade to the new EasyBuild Subscription Bundle as well as increasing their user base in the process. With the business steadily growing there was further requirement to roll out EasyBuild and ensure that the software was being used extensively across Finance, Procurement & Commercia

Since implementing EasyBuild there have been some changes of personnel, but also internal processes and the company have also taken out the option of a Business Systems Healthcheck which will provide further information of any additional functionality that could be utilised and training. This is an extremely important area that many users will ignore and with internal processes personnel and software changes always occurring it is important to ensure that you are always investing in your users and software provider.

Williams Tarr Construction Ltd

With over 100 years of history, Williams Tarr Construction Ltd are a leading Multi-Discipline Contractor who have continued to deliver successful projects within Retail, Rail, Commercial, Pharmaceutical and Leisure. With a turnover exceeding £23m per annum the business has continued to grow and it was felt that their incumbent system was not matching their ambition.

One of the biggest issues for the business is that they were using an old version of their incumbent solution, and also heavily reliant on spreadsheets for managing Procurement, Job Costing, Purchase Orders, Applications and CVR’s. The meant that with so many spreadsheets being used there was significant risk to the business in that information was not live and errors would occur.

The easy option for most would be to upgrade, however having reviewed the market over a 24 month period, David Wilkinson, Managing Director felt that EasyBuild was the solution to improve efficiency, but also he felt confident that it was not only easier to use but also had greater flexibility to use than others in the market which would result in a better adoption of the solution. The CVR element of EasyBuild was also a big decision to Williams Tarr Construction, as this would provide them with live transactional data of a project allowing the view of budget vs actual costs. This was important to a business that would be running multiple projects at any one time.

Williams Tarr Construction are one of a growing number of customers to have purchased EasyBuild Cloud with our Essentials Bundle. For more information regarding EasyBuild software, please contact us on 0333 123 3279 or email

Paragon Leisure Refurbs Ltd

Paragon Leisure Refurbs provide a complete service delivering high quality refurbishment of your premises whilst meeting the exacting standards that you expect throughout your business. A local Midlands based Contractor focusing on the Retail sector, Paragon Leisure Refubs Ltd required a solution due to an expected increase of projects and growth over the next 6 months. The business have been using a number of spreadsheets to manage their projects, however felt that they needed to put in place structure and processes to assist with their growth strategy.

The requirement for the business was the ability to manage all costs project by project but giving them an overall view of the business finances, enabling business decisions to be made with the information readily available. As a small business, it is critical to understand where you are live on a project, ensuring costs are managed and within budget and EasyBuild’s strength will provide the Directors at Paragon Leisure Refurbs Ltd with this information.

EasyBuild look forward to working with Paragon Leisure Refurbs Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

Wheeler Electrical Ltd

EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd are proud to welcome Wheeler Electrical Ltd to our growing portfolio of Mechanical & Electrical Contractors.

Wheeler Electrical Ltd are a family run business based in Maulden, Bedfordshire working for main contractors such as Durkan Group & Abbey Homes.  Trading since 1961 the business has grown significantly and are now operational over a 100-mile radius working on several projects in London. Wheeler Electrical Ltd have extensive experience working on major electrical installations in domestic resource and commercial sector environments.  Though constant investment and commitment regarding latest developments, they remain at the forefront of the electrical installation industry.

On engagement with Managing Director Ed Wheeler, the initial requirement was to purchase a standalone Aftercare Solution to operate alongside their Sage 50 accounts system.  However, following further discovery sessions with Ed and the team it was clear that we could work with them to provide an integrated ERP solution with additional functionality including Mobile Timesheets and the EasyBuild White Card solution, which would help them manage sub-contractors tasks more efficiently.  Wheeler Electrical Ltd purchased the EasyBuild Professional Bundle giving them a solution that would replace a significant number of spreadsheets to manage tasks around sub-contractors, HR, timesheets and procurement. Removing these spreadsheets from the business will not only reduce risk that we know exists with running a business on spreadsheets, but ensures the business are GDPR compliant but will also save a significant about of time increasing efficiency across several departments.

As an example; with over 70 employees, many that are out on site the, EasyBuild Mobile Timesheet module will enable the site worker to log their own timesheets electronically which will then not only update the project budget and payroll in the Core System but also remove the weekly paper timesheets that admin would have to previously enter manually.  The business is looking forward to removing a huge amount of duplication in the business and working across one integrated single solution managing various departments.

EasyBuild look forward to working with Wheeler Electrical Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group. 

Another contract extension with EasyBuild!

We are excited to announce another VIP customer has extended their contract with EasyBuild.

Robert E Lee have shown commitment to our business since joining in 2016. They believe in our solution and understand how we can help them.

We are looking forward to working with them for the next 5 years.

EasyBuild Win Construction Computing Awards 2018!

After being nominated again for the Construction Computing Software Awards 2018EasyBuild came home with 2 awards: ERP Software of the Year and Team of The Year with SPL Powerlines! That’s not all – EasyBuild were also runners up for the Infrastructure Project of the Year with SPL Powerlines. It was a brilliant evening at Hotel Radisson Blu Portman, filled with loyal customers and other hard-working, successful businesses in the construction industry.


Delivering high end refurbishment & fit out projects for both residential & commercial sectors in and around London since 2007, VPK Ltd have chosen EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd as their ERP solution of choice as they embark on an extensive growth plan over the next 3-5 years.

The business where using Sage 50 for their accounts, which was not a construction specific application, and having reviewed the market it was clear that EasyBuild met the requirements for the business moving forward.

VPK Ltd are an interior fit out contractor, manufacturing and fitting their own products both in the UK & Ukraine. The requirement for the business was the ability to manage all project costs and the resource allocated to each job. A key reason VPK Ltd chose EasyBuild is they were impressed by the simplicity of the software and how easy the system is to use, as well as the strength of its Job Costing module. Managing Director, Viktor Bohdanyuk felt extremely confident that the solution would help them track all costs and this would be integral to his plan to grow the business.

EasyBuild look forward to working with VPK Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

M&S Water Services (Utilities) Ltd

EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd are proud to welcome M&S Water Services (Utilities) Ltd as the latest contractor to choose our Award-Winning Software.

M&S Water Services (Utilities) Limited has been trading since 1997 when the company was set up to bridge the gap between water companies and the customer that domestic plumbers cannot fulfil. Since incorporation M&S Water Services has grown into a successful business providing specialist services to a large portfolio of customers, ranging from domestic householders to water authorities and providing expertise in several fields such as underground water, plumbing, no dig trenchless technology, fusion welding, leak detection and RPZ valve testing & commissioning.

James Harkin, Finance & Commercial Manager felt that with the business continuing to grow the incumbent solution, Sage 50, was no longer fit for purpose as it was unable to deal with any Job Costing activity.  Having reviewed the market James and Karen Harkin, Director where extremely impressed with EasyBuild’s ability to handle Job Costing & CVR of their projects.

Another key element for M&S Water was the ability to manage the timesheet for over 70 employees, many that are out on site.  Presented with EasyBuild Mobile Timesheet application, they could quickly see how the timesheets of their site worker could be tracked through the mobile application and this detail updating in the Core EasyBuild solution, removing the need for double entry of data

EasyBuild look forward to working with M&S Water Services (Utilities) Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group. 

Carroll Build

Building Contractor, Carroll Build have chosen EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd to provide them with the missing elements that they currently have with their current solution.

Carroll Build, part of the Carroll Group who sub-contract to the Sovini Group, needed a solution that would give them the ability to manage their project costs.  As a group they currently use a non-construction specific accounts solution and the issue is that there is no understanding or ability to manage budget vs actual spend of a project.

Key areas that the business where looking to resolve was the ability to manage plant hire, detailed sub-contractor orders, production of applications and retention management.  This information is required daily to ensure that projects are running not only on time, but also on budget in an ever-demanding industry.

EasyBuild look forward to working with Carroll Build Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

EasyBuild Saves The Day When Carillion Went Bust!

The team at EasyBuild stepped in and successfully implemented the EasyBuild software solution for what was the CPL Joint Venture, following the collapse of Carillion at the start of the year.

SPL Powerlines were left with a huge challenge replacing key systems, at the same time still having to deliver the contract to Network Rail. Both EasyBuild and SPL Powerlines worked quickly and efficiently together for a successful implementation of the SPL JV.

Hartry Global

Bristol based company Hartry Global provide Management Consultancy as a Main Contractor to Lidl Retail Stores and have recently won a significant contract to build new Lidl stores as well as refurbish a number of existing units.

Using Xero Accountancy software, the Directors went to market and visited an exhibition to review a number of vendors.  With a number of new projects set for 2019 and significant growth expected, there was some urgency and requirement to get a construction specific ERP solution in place and implemented.

Looking for an efficient yet easy to use solution for both Finance and Project Cost Management, the management team of Krystina Hartry, Theo Hartry, and Sian Snelgrove set about engaging with EasyBuild over other solutions as it was felt that functionally EasyBuild where the stand out solution when it came to job costing and management of project costs. 

Currently using a non-specific accounts system internally and spreadsheets for managing costs of the project, they were unable to get a true understanding and visual of how the actual costs compared to initial budgets.  By implementing EasyBuild’s Accounting Software, this would give the Commercial team greater transparency of costs and the ability to make commercial decisions earlier on in the project, reducing the potential for overspend on each live project.

EasyBuild look forward to working with Hartry Global Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

Saper Glass

Saper Glass is a leading manufacturer of specialist and architectural glass products, servicing the needs of the construction industry for over 25 years.  As a niche contractor, the process of choosing a new solution was a big decision as it meant replacing two Sage solutions and the project was to consolidate to one service provider that was also able to track all costs on a project.

Head of Finance, Simon Hadleigh was the project lead has previously used EasyBuild at a previous company and impressed with the software and its functionality, invited EasyBuild to tender for the project.  The reference that Simon was able to provide back to his new company was one of the key reasons why EasyBuild was chosen and it is evident that once someone has used the software, they become an advocate of the software.

Saper Glass projects range from £5,000 to £2m and they are always looking at ways to both refine its existing product ranges and develop new products to cater for the ever-evolving needs of its clients.  As a business Saper Glass invest heavily in R&D and product testing to ensure that all products achieve the highest levels of safety and quality, and this same level of standards were also required of EasyBuild during the decision-making process.

Brown & Carroll

EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd are delighted to welcome on board Brown & Carroll Ltd, fit-out contractors of London’s finest buildings.  Having extensively reviewed the market twice for the right solution, Brown & Carroll engaged with EasyBuild the second time of going to market and where impressed with the user ability and functionality of the product on offer.

With an out of date solution in place, there was a compelling reason why Steve Perkins, Director was tasked with finding the right solution as continued growth meant that a decision was required to proceed with a new IT partner.

There were two elements to the project, the initial to get a new finance system in place that would also enable the commercial team to streamline data of a project such as tracking costs which was currently in excel and difficult to surface quickly.  The second phase and a key feature is the management of time for 250-300 sub-contractors and then allocate this to project, which would give Brown & Carroll real time job costing including labour costs accurately associated with each project.

Brown & Carroll are committed to completing every project on time and on budget, working with complete dedication every day (and the occasional night) to make this happen. This is why as a business they haven’t missed a handover date in 23 years and why we have preferred status with all our principal contractors.  The view is that the implementation of EasyBuild will only enhance the commitment they make to their customers.

EasyBuild look forward to working with Brown & Carroll Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

H E Barnes

Sheffield based M&E Contractor H.E Barnes chose EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd following a tender process that involved a number of software providers.  The tender process was run over a 6-month period, during which time a number of meetings and demonstrations with the project team and a final presentation with board resulted in a decision being made to proceed with EasyBuild.

Having met all the requirements set out in the original RFP document, H.E Barnes proceeded with EasyBuild as the view was that the solution offered was a better fit and suited for HE Barnes to adopt and implement a sector-focused ERP solution.

Key reasons why EasyBuild was chosen is that unlike other solutions reviewed, the EasyBuild solution provided a seamlessly fully integrated solution across; Accounts, Procurement, Measurement and Monitoring of Business Performance and projects, an Audit Trail on all costs and provide the ability to report P&L forecasting and current WIP.   This is provided to H.E Barnes in a hosted environment provided by EasyBuild.

EasyBuild look forward to working with H.E Barnes Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

AMCM Group

Formed in 2013, AMCM Group are a subsidiary company of Airey Miller Construction Group, providing collaborative construction solutions for professionals and organisations within the built environment.
Working with developers, investors, contractors, product manufacturers and specialist consultants, AMCM Group has specialist services in pre-construction, construction, post contract and built environment management consultancy.

AMCM Group had been using Sage 50 to manage the company accounts alongside multiple spreadsheets. After winning a large contract with a Local Authority, they decided to review the market as they needed a solution that would help and give them a live and detailed analysis of costs as regular feedback would be required
Andy Wall, Managing Director had previously used EasyBuild at another company however we still went through an open process with all the board members and after all presentations of EasyBuild and other software providers, EasyBuild were clearly the solution of choice for AMCM.

The seamless integration from Accounts to Job Costings, plus the CVR capabilities was the difference between EasyBuild and the competition. EasyBuild are also providing a fully managed hosting service which gives the business reassurance and security for Support, Backups and Disaster Recovery.

AMCM Group’s experienced leadership team has worked on construction projects and frameworks with capital values in excess of £500m and can support you as an independent strategic advisor or as part of your multi-disciplinary team.

EasyBuild look forward to working with AMCM Group Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.


EasyBuild Construction (Software) Ltd are delighted to welcome MCS Ltd, who are a Bristol based independent building services contractor. Specialising in serving various industry sectors by predominantly providing mechanical and electrical system installations, utility infrastructure installations and the ongoing maintenance support required to ensure that your facility is always operating to its optimum requirements.

The business had a number of disparate systems such as Sage 50 customer, a separate payroll system and spreadsheets. This meant duplication of data, errors and time-consuming processes. Director, Scott Hill had previous exposure with two previous companies that use EasyBuild and this made his decision easier as he knew exactly what the system could offer him. Even so MCS Ltd still went out to market, to ensure that their decision would be the right one and the solution chosen would be the best fit for their business.

Implementing EasyBuild into the business has meant that a number of business processes have been streamlined, one solution is now being used across finance, payroll and the management of project costs which has resulted in a better understanding of the commercial aspects of each project. We expect to see MCS Ltd continue their grow as a business with EasyBuild playing a core part.

EasyBuild look forward to working with MCS Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.


EasyBuild are proud winners of ERP Software for 2017

The event was held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Bloomsbury St, WC1B 3QD. Supported by our clients, we enjoyed the evenings entertainment and the final presentation of the awards. This was a great achievement for our team at EasyBuild and look forward to many more.

Willerby Landscapes Limited

EasyBuild are proud to welcome Willerby Landscapes as a new customer. As one of the UK’s leading landscaping companies and as a 6 times BALI Grand Award winning commercial landscaping contractor which was founded in 1983. Willerby Landscapes pride themselves in providing best in class hard and soft landscape contracting services. With over 34 years of successful high-profile projects under their belt, they continue to expand on their services to provide enterprising landscaping solutions and innovations for their growing clients.

As their business continues to grow, Willerby Landscapes require a system which will provide up to date information and remove duplication of transactions centrally. Having taken the time to review their internal processes over the last year, they have chosen EasyBuild to underpin their business as they move to the next stage of their business growth.


Specialist tiling contractor, Arcitile Ltd had a specific requirement to manage their project job costs. Having used Sage 50 and multiple spreadsheets there was a big issue with understanding and having information quickly relating to the financial status of a project.

Clive Cole, Managing Surveyor was struggling to keep track of the day to day costs and this was becoming more painful as the business took on more projects and continued to grow. Each new project resulted in a new spreadsheet and this had to potential to cause the business issues when trying to understand during the project itself if they were on target vs the initial budget. Using excel they would then have to feed the information back into their accounts system but by then the information was dated and commercial decisions had already been made.

With over 25 years’ experience in the tiling sector, their skill, knowledge and expertise are recongised within the industry. Arcitile specialise in marble, quartz, limestone and all other types of natural stone undertaking both domestic and commercial projects
EasyBuild look forward to working with Arcitile Ltd and welcome them to the EasyBuild user group.

MGB Contractors

With a strong heritage spanning almost 10 years, MGB Contractors has grown to become one of the leading Steel fixing Groundwork and Formwork companies trusted by the main building contractors throughout the South East.

MGB Contractors chose EasyBuild after working for a main contractor who was also using the solution.

After further demonstrations MGB Contractors instantly saw the benefits and cost saving using one system for timesheets, job costing and payroll.

NRT Carpentry Contractors

EasyBuild is pleased to welcome NRT Carpentry a leading provider of professional carpentry services and supplier of bespoke joinery products for the construction industry. The need for better control of cost and up to date information was key to their decision. Having reviewed other solutions, EasyBuild will help NRT continue to grow in this specialist area having the confidence that cost are under control.

Dova Homes

Dova Homes are a commercial and social housing contractor specialising in new builds, extensions, loft conversions, reactive & planned maintenance. Click here to read more

S Evans & Sons Ltd

A family business at heart, but over the years have developed a wider network of highly skilled workers. With an average of 15 years in the trade providing sound demolition work, risk assessment, asbestos removal, CDM implementation etc. Been using a standard Accounts System for many years, but challenging to manage profit and loss through the job and normally not until the end of the project they get a true reflection. EasyBuild’s simplicity and the removal of spreadsheets was the key reason in making the jump.

Durkan New Homes

EasyBuild are pleased to welcome Durkan New Homes to their portfolio of house builders. With the specialist requirements for managing sub-contractors in Ireland, EasyBuild will provide a centralise solution to manage the continuous grow of the business.

Denton Homes Ltd

EasyBuild are please to welcome Denton Homes part of Denton Group who have been established for over 20 years and has a reputation for high quality homes.

With this in mind it was key to have a system which will manage costs during the life-cycle of the development process.

EasyBuild will underpin key processes and introduced control and compliance which will enable the business to concentrate on further increasing their high quality homes portfolio.


Firmitas are a leading building contractor operating in London & South East providing bespoke solutions to the private and public sector. After extensive research looking from multiple supplliers for Construction Finance Software, Firmitas chose EasyBuild to reduce the disparate spreadsheets and duplication of data entry.

Pure Exteriors

Pure Exteriors is a full building envelope contractor specialising in the design and installation of glazed façade systems. Click here to read more

County Contractors

County Contractors is a leading privately owned refurbishment contractor with a wealth of experience and expertise spanning over 40 years. County were looking to replace the existing core system and associated databases with a single dynamic solution that offered future efficiencies as the company progressed.

EasyBuild was selected from a number of competitors due to its ease of use, the modern interface and its ability to enable us to streamline process.

Ian Cook, the Financial Controller of County gave the following reasons behind EasyBuild being the preferred solutions.

“County required a solution which is both user friendly and intuitive. We had to be able to demonstrate to the user community that making this change was going to make their lives easier and reduce their workload and we believe EasyBuild can offer this. EasyBuild presented the software on a number of occasions giving us confidence in the system as well as showing us that Easybuild as a company were dynamic and forward thinking. I am confident this is the right choice for us for many years to come”


CambridgeHOK the largest UK based horticultural engineering company offering full turnkey solutions throughout the UK and overseas have chosen to implement EasyBuild Construction Software.

CambridgeHOK were looking to replace their existing accounting ERP package with a product which had a higher level of integration, benefitted from more up to date architecture and also delivered enhanced reporting and data drill down functionality.

CambridgeHOK had identified the need to change software for the following key reasons:

  • A need for a construction focused product with a fully integrated accounts and contract costing solution.
  • Bring together current processes of using multiple pieces of software to create and track applications, variations and retentions in one place.
  • Improve their CVR and valuation process and to create better analysis and visibility throughout the business.
  • A document management system required on a transaction by transaction level and visibility of these transactions efficiently.
  • High standards of reports required for management and fully exportable to excel for analysis.
  • A significantly more user-friendly interface for all employees throughout the business.

CambridgeHOK selected EasyBuild from a number of competitors due to its ease of use and because it met all key requirements.

Steve Hinch, the Finance Director of CambridgeHOK gave the following reasons behind EasyBuild being their preferred solution:

  • “CambridgeHOK require a solution which is user friendly and intuitive to encourage a deeper buy-in from all users of the system and we believe EasyBuild offers this in addition to a level of functionality far better than that we currently have with our existing system.”
  • “EasyBuild presented the software on a number of occasions giving us confidence the system was capable of meeting our key requirements and also demonstrated EasyBuild’s excellent customer service.”
  • “We felt that both the sales and technical teams were knowledgeable and had a can-do attitude to adapting the software to CambridgeHOK’s specific requirements.”
  • “We feel working alongside EasyBuild, we can develop a partnership which will move both businesses forward in their respective industries in the years to come.”

Dockerill Group

Cambridgeshire based civil engineering and groundworks contractor: Dockerill Group have decided to implement EasyBuild after a review of the market, in doing so they will be replacing Quick Books for financial accounting and spread sheets for project accounting.

The business identified the need to change for the following reasons:

  • A need to be able to do detailed job costing.
  • To improve their CVR process and for all functions relating to projects to be integrated to give them better analysis on cost and value and whether their projects are making or losing money.
  • A need for better management and tracking of retentions owed to the business.
  • To replace existing payroll functionality which they found to be not fit for purpose.
  • A desire to bring estimates over to do actual analysis v budgeted figures and to bring over a estimated bill of materials to be able to purchase items from.
  • To improve their procurement process by matching delivery notes to invoices.

Dockerill Group decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements, key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by their Director, Lloyd Dockerill are:

  • “We felt that EasyBuild out of all of the solutions we looked at was the easiest system to use and therefore it will be quick to pick up how to use it.”
  • “The staff at EasyBuild were knowledgeable and reliable and instilled confidence in me we were making the right choice.”
  • “We liked the fact the system is construction specific and is totally integrated from project accounting through to financial accounting allowing us to see and report on information in one system.”
  • “We have in tandem with buying EasyBuild, purchased an estimating software system and look forward to having the system work alongside each other to know how we are performing versus what we estimated and to allow us to procure from within EasyBuild from budget data.”

EasyBuild featured in Construction News

EasyBuild recently featured in the 25th November edition of Construction News.

Highlights of the article were;

EasyBuild explains its solution gives construction firms easier access to their data, enabling them to improve analysis, boost project management and win more work.
EasyBuild explains its connection to the industry and thus expertise of contractor’s and housebuilder’s needs after being founded within a construction business.
EasyBuild explains its software solution is used by Main and Sub Contractors and House Builders.
Testimonials from 3 EasyBuild customers.
Key features and benefits of the EasyBuild system including CVR (Cost Value Reconciliation), being able to gain real time snapshots of how well contracts are performing, understanding key decisions on how to bid for a new project and what lessons were learnt from previous projects.
EasyBuild explains the launch of a new Service & Maintenance solution
EasyBuild explains it works with it’s customers to be a strategic partner, not just a software supplier.

To read the full article click here

3 Existing EasyBuild Customers Choose Our Service & Maintenance Solution

Abbey Developments Plc a House Builder constructing large volumes of plots and Durkan Group a top 100 Main Contractor and House Builder have adopted our construction software system to be used as a defects management solution for snagging and aftercare management of properties and buildings they have built. It will allow them to keep a track of issues that arise after completion on any number of projects at any time.

C S Hodges & Sons a Hertfordshire based maintenance provider have chosen to adopt EasyBuild for the management of their external workforce and to manage their planned and reactive maintenance tasks, they have chosen EasyBuild due to the upcoming mobile capabilities that will allow their external workforce and sub contractors to receive and update jobs, using both signature and photo capture in real time.

J.A. Stott (Carpentry) Limited

J.A. Stott (Carpentry) Limited, a Middlesex based highly skilled carpentry and joinery contractor with over 25 years of experience across the whole spectrum of the construction industry have decided to implement EasyBuild after an extensive review of the market, in doing so they will be replacing Pegasus for financial accounting and excel spread sheets for project accounting.

The business identified the need to change for the following reasons:

  • Having made the decision to move their accounts function back in house they felt there was a need for an all-inclusive system specific to the construction industry to change from a legacy system used by their previous accountants.
  • A need for a totally integrated suite of modules , their previous provider was built over a variety of modules that required an interface to work.
  • To reduce the time spent duplicating effort on multiple spreadsheets.
  • To reduce the risk of potential human error inputting information into spreadsheets.

J.A. Stott (Carpentry) Limited decided that EasyBuild was the best construction software solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements, key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by the company’s new accountant, Helen Hall are:

  • “Having looked on the market for a solution, we felt EasyBuild as a Construction specific package was the best suited to our needs as a business.”
  • “We liked the fact that EasyBuild is not just a standard financial accounting system but also an integrated project accounting solution.”
  • “The CVR element to EasyBuild is very impressive and we believe we will see great benefits from this.”
  • “The speed at which EasyBuild will be implemented was vital to us and will enable us to be up and running with the system quickly”.
  • ” EasyBuild as a system looked the easiest and most user friendly available.”

Robert E Lee Limited

Robert E Lee Limited, an Essex based Dry Lining, Refurbishment and Building Contractor have decided to implement EasyBuild , in doing so they will be replacing Quick Books for financial accounting and an in house built system and excel spread sheets for project accounting and post construction customer care, snagging and defects management.

The business identified the need to change for the following reasons:

  • A need to reduce the various departmental islands of information into one central repository and thus significantly reduce the amount of paper in the business.
  • A need for an integrated approach to commercial management and financial management, consolidating all project related information and costs into one system.
  • A need to bridge the gap between site and the office with regards to quality, cost control and sub-contractor management.
  • To reduce the time spent duplicating effort on multiple spreadsheets.
  • To reduce the risk of potential human error inputting information into spreadsheets.
  • A tablet based white card system for packaging Sub Contractor tasks and approving for payments ensuring quality of their contracts are to a continuous high standard.
  • To have better processes around project cost control.
  • A need for a post construction customer care facility to ensure quality of their work is to the customers satisfaction.

Robert E Lee Limited decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements.

We look forward to building a long and successful partnership with the team at Robert E Lee Limited.

Antler Homes Plc

Antler Homes Plc, a Surrey based luxury House Builder have decided to implement EasyBuild after an extensive review of the market, in doing so they will be replacing Infor Sun for financial accounting and excel spread sheets for project accounting and the management of House Sales.

The business identified the need to change for the following reasons:

  • Their previous system did not provide a purchase ledger for placing enquiries and orders or paying suppliers.
  • A need for an integrated Sub Contractor module for the placement of enquiries, orders, management of payments, CIS verification and CIS 300 returns.
  • Their previous system was not integrated to the rest of their business outside of the accounts team.
  • A need for an integrated and easy to use reporting function across the business’ various departments.

Antler Homes Plc decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements, key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by their Financial Director: Peter Golding are:

  • “We were happy to see that EasyBuild is completely integrated across the different ledgers meaning many departments can use the system and they are linked with the accounts function.”
  • “We feel Easybuild is flexible enough to meet the needs of a business of our size.”
  • “We feel Easybuild will meet our requirements for today’s business as well as our future requirements.”

Deeley Group

Deeley Group, a Coventry based main contractor, house builder and property developer established in 1936 have decided to implement EasyBuild , in doing so they will replace another construction software provider they had been using since 1997.

The business identified the need to change for the following reasons:

  • Their current provider notified them that no further upgrades were being made to the version of the software they were using and to change to a newer version it would require paying a substantial fee.
  • They wanted more flexibility on the reports the business could produce for both financial and project accounting.
  • Requirement of better drill down of information with regards to transactions.
  • Need for clearer visibility of their Quantity Surveyor’s CVR reports.
  • Due to ISO 9001 outlines they required notifications as to when sub-contractors insurances and health and safety information was out of date.

EasyBuild was chosen as the best solution for Deeley, key reasons as to why are noted by their Management Accountant Ian Clorley:

  • “EasyBuild not only catered for all of our essential requirements we set out but also everything on our wish list as being a nice to have.”
  • “A particular aspect we like about EasyBuild is the ability to attach scanned invoices to transactions, this saves time in looking for information, saves paper and allows for greater transparency.”
  • “We felt most comfortable with EasyBuild, the system looks better than our previous provider, is very cost effective in comparison and looks more user friendly.”
  • “Having been with our previous provider for a long time we felt we needed a change and they did not show a great willingness to keep us a customer so therefore we felt the time was right to change to EasyBuild.”

We welcome Deeley Group to a growing list of EasyBuild customers and look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

Gee Construction Ltd

Gee Construction Ltd, an Essex based Main Contractor that has been in business for over 150 years have become the latest company to adopt EasyBuild , in doing so they will be replacing another construction software provider that they had been using for 19 years.

Gee Construction who are part of The Headcrown Group Plc a top 100 construction company, are the final company within the group to adopt EasyBuild, following on from Cruden Group and J F Finnegan who both adopted the system in 2015.

The business had identified the need to change from their incumbent provider and identified the following reasons to do so:

  • Previous systems were based on traditional accounting software and did not offer wider construction project reporting and information control.
  • Improvement of the financial management of projects and consolidation of information.
  • Getting information out of their previous system for detailed breakdown of project accounts was hard to do.
  • Need for more robust CVR reporting, project budgeting and forecasting.

Gee decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business, the key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by their Finance Director Nigel Rickman are;

  • “Most construction accounting packages do not include all of the project finance lifecycle in one solution; EasyBuild’s product recognises this. With Pat McGowan (EasyBuild, Founder and Chief Technology Officer) being a construction accountant it shows in how the solution has been developed and how user friendly it is.”
  • “EasyBuild carries a job through the entire life cycle of a project from marketing through inputting the budget to quantity surveying and cost management, this is ideal as it will be used by a wide variety of our business and reduces the amount of systems we have to use and thus saves us money in licence fees.”
  • “After showing EasyBuild to colleagues, all departments bought into the idea of the system and are looking forward to using it.”
  • “EasyBuild will make processes much more efficient by reducing duplication of information, save time by automating a number of key tasks, give better control and improve productivity.”
  • “We like the fact that the modules are linked, especially the integrated approach of surveying reconciling completely with the company accounts.”
  • “We are happy that all areas of the business will be using the same system, meaning better clarity and transparency for the business.”
  • “We believe that should our processes alter, EasyBuild is flexible enough to be able to cater for future developments and that the system provides resilience for the future, reducing investment costs and avoiding the need to fund new systems.”
  • “We feel that EasyBuild are better value for money than what we previously used and that we will have a true partner relationship with them.”

We welcome Nigel and his team to using EasyBuild and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

DF Keane Builders & Contractors

London based Main Contractor; DF Keane Builders & Contractors have become the latest company to adopt EasyBuild, in doing so they will be replacing another construction software provider becoming the 9th company to do the same switch in recent years.

This further emphasises EasyBuild’s growing reputation as a leading product in the market and showcases the trust construction businesses are placing in EasyBuild to implement a solution based upon a successful history of migrating information from legacy systems.

The business had identified the need to change from their incumbent provider due to being asked to pay a significant amount of money for an additional module, this led to them to reviewing their provider in more detail and they identified the following requirements;

  • Better process efficiencies through using an easier and more modern technology platform.
  • A system that offered all modules at no additional cost.

DF Keane decided after a review of a number of providers that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of their aforementioned requirements, the key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by their Director Sean Keane are;

“Our team took a detailed look at what software was out there on the market and started a process of comparing apples to apples, not just on cost, but more importantly on functionality. We found that EasyBuild was the most advanced system and offered us everything that we wanted and it is all included at a very competitive price.”

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the team at DF Keane.

EasyBuild Featured in Construction News

EasyBuild in partnership with Durkan, C J O’Shea & Plustek recently featured in the 29th January edition of Construction News.

Highlights of the article were;

  • EasyBuild explains it addresses all the operational needs of a modern construction business – finance, commercial, project management and compliance as an integrated end-end ERP solution.
  • EasyBuild explains its connection to the industry and thus expertise of contractor’s and housebuilder’s needs after being founded within a construction business.
  • Case studies with two of EasyBuild’s customers.
    Key features and benefits of the EasyBuild system including CVR (Cost Value Reconciliation), being able to gain real time snapshots of how well contracts are performing.
  • Future EasyBuild software developments including a works order module for planned and reactive maintenance tasks.
  • EasyBuild’s ability to link to other operational systems such as document management or estimating software.
  • EasyBuild’s new partnership with Plustek to provide a scanning solution for sites and remote offices to feed documents back into EasyBuild immediately.

To read the full article click here and turn to pages 24 and 25.

Thames & Newcastle Ltd

London based chartered building company; Thames & Newcastle Ltd who specialise in high quality residential refurbishments and new build projects, have become the latest business to choose EasyBuild.

The business has identified the need to change from Sage for financial management and Excel spreadsheets for project and commercial management for the following reasons;

  • Spreadsheets were too adhoc and could lead to potential errors through modified formulas.
  • To stop potential errors in tracking sub-contractor payments.
  • To have better processes around project cost control.
  • To have an approval process throughout the business in relation to projects, transactions and documents to alleviate the lack of control they had.
  • To replace a fragmented approach between financial and commercial management which led to having to reconcile ledgers and not having a true reflection of project costs.

Stan Leask, Director of Thames & Newcastle Ltd noted a number of key reasons why the business chose EasyBuild;

  • “Having used EasyBuild before whilst at Durkan, the ease of use and familiarity of the system left an impression and therefore I did not want to use anything else”.
  • “We found EasyBuild to be extremely cost effective”.
  • “The integrated approach to finance and project management was a key reason, we felt it alleviated risk involved with using two separate systems”.
  • “Having the assurance that EasyBuild will work with us during the implementation process and help migrate data and train our staff provides us with comfort that the transition will be simple and stress free”.

We look forward to working with Stan again and welcoming the team from Thames & Newcastle Ltd into the EasyBuild community.

Falco Construction Ltd

London based Utilities contractor; Falco Construction Ltd a leading provider of installation, excavation and maintenance services to underground assets for the power, telecoms and water sectors in the South East have decided to implement EasyBuild becoming the 5th contractor to choose our system after their incumbent provider issued a very short end of life notification on their system.

Alan Seyfi, Director of Falco Construction noted a number of key reasons as to why the business has chosen to adopt EasyBuild;

  • “We had been running a financial and costing software for a number of years from another supplier and had previously given no consideration to changing our software until we met with EasyBuild”.
  • “We were showed all the functions that Easybuild has to offer and as a comparison to our incumbent provider we saw more up-to-date functionality with good CVR reporting tools along with the new document scanning management module we knew the time was right to upgrade to Easybuild”.
  • “We feel this will allow our business to have even better controls in managing our business from enquiry to application”.

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Alan and the team at Falco, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

Cruden Group Ltd

Cheshire based multi-disciplinary main contractor; Cruden Group Ltd have chosen to adopt EasyBuild becoming the 4th company to adopt our solution after their incumbent provider issued a very short end of life notification on their system.

Cruden are a part of Headcrown Group and thus follow J F Finnegan as part of the group in choosing EasyBuild.

Simon Burrows, Finance Director of Cruden reviewed EasyBuild following John Diggin’s decision to choose us at J F Finnegan and agreed the solution best suited their requirements as well.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Cruden Group Ltd, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

Oakbridge Homes Ltd

Oakbridge Homes Ltd, a residential property developer and contractor based in Hertfordshire have decided to implement EasyBuild.

The business had identified the need to change from two disparate systems for finance and project management during a period of restructure and growth, for the following key reasons;

  • Better departmental accountability and controls.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of reporting.
  • Need for accurate real time cost analysis (CVR).
  • Improve management of enquiries and tenders.
  • Enhance management of property buyers.
  • Need for accurate overhead cost reporting and management.
  • A tighter control over costs and instant profitability analysis.

Oakbridge decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements, Oakbridge considered a number of products on the market but the key reasons they chose EasyBuild as noted by their Managing Director Mike Callaghan are;

  • “We felt Easybuild would integrate into the business the best as it covered the development and contracting arms of the business.”
    “The technology of EasyBuild we felt was the most up to date and impressive on the market.”
  • “The integrated approach to finance and project management was a key reason, we felt it alleviated risk involved with using two separate systems”.
  • “EasyBuild’s pricing structure was easy to understand and is inclusive of every module meaning we do not have to pay for expensive add ons later on in time”

We look forward to working with Oakbridge and helping their business grow, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

George Houlton & Sons Ltd

We are delighted to announce that £50 million turnover East Yorkshire based Main Contractor; George Houlton & Sons Ltd established in the 19th century and a constructor of many prestigious projects in the North of England have decided to adopt EasyBuild over a wide array of competitors.

Houlton become the 3rd company after J F Finnegan Ltd & Pinelog Group Ltd to adopt EasyBuild after their incumbent provider issued a very short end of life notification on their system, this further emphasises EasyBuild’s growing reputation as a leading product in the market and showcases the trust construction businesses are placing in us to implement a solution based upon our history of migrating information from legacy systems quicker than the industry standard and perception.

Keith Knights, Group Finance Director of Houlton noted a number of key reasons why the business has chosen to adopt EasyBuild;

  • “EasyBuild covered all of our system requirements and there were features which we felt could be useful in the future.”
  • “EasyBuild seems easy and intuitive to use with plenty of reporting features.”
  • “Houlton were impressed with the knowledge that Pat (EasyBuild CEO) displayed in the context of the construction industry.”
  • “Houlton’s Managing Director particularly liked EasyBuild’s cost effectiveness.”

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Houlton, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

Pine Group Ltd

We are delighted to announce that Derbyshire based Specialist Leisure Contractor; Pinelog Group Ltd have chosen to adopt EasyBuild.

Pinelog Group Ltd found themselves in the same predicament as J F Finnegan Ltd in that the same provider had issued them with a very short end of life notification.

Following a review of the market they have decided to choose EasyBuild for the following reasons as stated by Pinelog’s Finance Director, Paul Daly;

  • “Having had two demonstrations we felt EasyBuild was the best fit for our business.”
  • “EasyBuild is a cost effective replacement to our current provider.”
  • “We felt EasyBuild looked the easiest system to use.”
  • “We believe that EasyBuild provides the newest technology on the market”.

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Pinelog Group Ltd, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

J F Finnegan Ltd

We are delighted to announce that established £50 million turnover, South Yorkshire based Main Contractor; J F Finnegan Ltd have chosen to implement EasyBuild over a number of competitors after they were issued a very short end of life notification from their incumbent provider.

John Diggins, Finance Director of J F Finnegan Ltd noted a number of key reasons why the business has chosen to adopt EasyBuild;

  • ” EasyBuild will provide a cost effective replacement to our current software provider.”
  • “EasyBuild will bring additional functionality, the reporting tool and CVR module were particularly well liked and will enhance those processes above the current system in place.”
  • “EasyBuild will facilitate a common reporting platform across the group.”
  • “J F Finnegan Ltd has confidence that the implementation will be well managed and that EasyBuild will be supportive of the group in the future.”
  • “Pat (EasyBuild CEO) was impressive at the demonstrations and responded quickly to initial queries that my Financial Controller and I had.”

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with J F Finnegan Ltd, welcome to the EasyBuild community.

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