Project Management

Our construction project management functionality provides the right tools to support project managers, decision makers and project teams through the entire project management lifecycle.


Providing construction project management and financial reporting, this module gives you an efficient ‘project life cycle’ model that tracks projects from marketing leads, through the estimating process to getting on site.

Job Costing

Job costing is a fundamental process for construction, it is accounting which tracks the costs and revenues by “job or project” and enables standardised reporting of profitability.

With margins increasingly tight on construction projects, contractors have to ensure that all cost are accounted for and ensure that they are in line with the original estimate/budget prepared at the start.

For some construction projects, the capturing of cost can be done at traditional levels such as labour, plant, material, subcontractor and overheads. However, there are some specialist projects that require further level of detail assigned to individual cost transactions such as “activity codes” (also referred to as element or work breakdown structure (WBS). This is used to identify a location or specific category for which the job or project will be measured against in terms of payment, typically used for cost control for utility, rail or highway projects.

EasyBuild enables job costing at all these levels as options within the software set up, so whatever level of job costing detail required, EasyBuild software will enable your business to capture.

Key Benefits Include;

Stock Management

EasyBuild’s stock module offers materials stock management, typically materials from a builder’s yard and stock held in operative vehicles.

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