Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management In Construction helps to build quality construction industry relationships to complete projects on time and within budget.


EasyBuild Clients module supports your marketing and CRM activities quickly, effectively managing communication with existing and potential customers.

  • Support all marketing and customer relationship management activities with combined ERP and CRM, for easy management of multi-contact and note-taking facilities across the entire application
  • Applications and invoicing support for standard and cumulative invoices based on architect or other valuation certificates
  • Construction industry drill-down and reporting for outstanding retention monies, in addition to standard debtor management and drill-down/reporting
  • Attach multiple documents to Clients and Client Transactions
  • Automatically create quarterly/yearly ground rent invoices for house-builders


Manage existing and potential professional consultants, such as Architects and Structural Engineers and their contacts.

  • Combined multi-contact and note-taking facilities across the application for all professional consultants
  • Create consultant orders and track professional indemnity insurances
  • Access certificate payments to consultants, account enquiries, cumulative balances and creditor reports
  • Attach multiple documents to Consultants, Consultant Orders and Transactions


Place enquiries, orders and variation orders and process payment certificates with subcontractors quickly and efficiently.

  • Multi-contact and note-taking capabilities for subcontractors
  • Ability to store and search for multiple trades against subcontractors
  • Enter subcontractor payment certificates quickly and simply
  • Construction account software recognises previous balances and handles all CIS, VAT and CITB compliance issues
  • Payment certificates can be issued as self-billing or authenticated receipt for VAT purposes
  • Attach multiple documents to Subcontractor and Subcontractor Transactions
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for all subcontractors
    Comprehensive white-Card (stage payment) system for house-builders


Placing materials and external plant hire orders is simple with this module.  The ability to link to the project estimate/budget to control spend, also accessing order history for previous purchases.   The supplier module ensures that the Buyer is in control at all times providing the ability to raise material and plant orders to all projects, providing key site personnel and supplier real-time notification via email. 

With material and plant cost being one of the largest expenditure on any construction project, it is also important to have authorisation levels built in to control spend.  All of which can be agreed at the time of implementation.  

With system controls to decide at what stage to commit cost to the project, the Suppliers modules provides the necessary controls for a business to control their full procurement process.

Mobile for Requisition and Goods Received Notes (GRN)

EasyBuild Requisition Mobile app will ensure that the sites are able to raise requests whilst they are on-site and update head office with their daily requirements. The speed of this ensures that the Buyers have better buying power with the supply chain with more bulk buying capabilities.

EasyBuild Goods Received Mobile app will enable the sites to log and capture images of delivery notes which will be updated back to head office for invoice matching.  This will save on the cost of site returning delivery notes and the risk of missing tickets which has been a long standing issue for the sector. 

Other Key Benefits Include;

  • Email integration which allows orders and remittances advice to be sent directly to supplier and site
  • Ability to scan invoices using EasyBuild Invoice scanning module to retrieve pre-scanned images of supplier invoices.
  • Image Scanned Invoice Ability to drag and drop invoices sent from suppliers via email, this provides visibility of invoices for authorisation by finance and commercial teams without the need for paper copies.
  • On screen authorisation facility for unpaid purchase invoices – Supplier Authorisation
  • Ability to attach documents and notes to each order raised.

Contacts Management

Maintain all your construction industry contacts and contact notes and find a particular contact or firm anywhere in the system quickly with our convenient Contacts Management system.

  • Easily access contact data, attach notes, documents and assign actions to other system users
  • Use contact data for ad-hoc marketing mail-shots
  • Attach multiple documents to Contacts

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